It all started on Aleutian Key Platform In 2001, our CEO landed his first job on a 28-day rotation shift as a radio operator & logistics officer offshore onboard Aleutian key with Exxon Mobile. 21 years later, we continue to design innovative tailored made logistics and supply chain models with solutions for the most challenging oil & gas environments.

Consider us your best option for oil & gas procurement

Increase the effectiveness of your procurement infrastructure with unbeatable supply chain experts that will give you visibility into your procurement, logistics, inventory management and supply chain. Leverage our strongest industry capabilities and drive your teams, without compromising workforce flexibility, production, and quality.

Consistent procurement services

1IGS provides a one stop tailored made procurement strategy to oil & gas companies in the US, Canada, and to rapidly expanding economies around the global (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola). Take advantage of our now how, network and expertise

Consistent, secure and reliable network

Supply chain is our game and Our team of experts are well vested with all social, cultural and government challenges in the field. Unleash cost effective and efficient strategy that save time and money. Partner with us and we will show you how.


Partner with an expert that will protect your business

Oil & gas industry equipment procurement and supply of materials for upstream and downstream operations engineered to meet the complexities of todays competitive and unstable marketplace.

We manage the entire chain

Design and implement a modernized, transform, and innovate with the right logistics and supply chain management experts that will energize your business operations.

Category Management

Logistics designand roll out

Supercharge your oil & gas procurement operations with superior end to end integrated tailored made logistics and supply chain systems built to accelerate performance and growth. Leveringour own assets (1IGS Logistics), we control the entire chain without any external intervention.

Reduce fulfillment costsreal time time inventory visibility simplify reverse logistics (returns) Increase order throughput and accuracy Quickly integrate or support new Channels for your operations.

Warehouse planning and control

Warehouse design and management for complexed business environments that fulfill faster and more efficient results. Lean management techniquesbased on application that drive revenue growth, improve service levels, and reduce operational costs for oil & gas operations.

Brighter and smarter streamlinedwarehouse by optimizing processessuch as put away, picking, packing, shipping, logistics, and returns.

Meet Procurement &Storage Demands

Our role is to search and supply all manufactured goods associated with the exploration and delivery of oil and gas. Our customers expect an exceptional level of service, and we fulfil that expectation by deliveringa reliable, honest, diligent, and conscientious service that meets specific demands.

1IGS procurement will procure and ship all equipment and material used in exploration, drilling, marine services, production, and oil product disciplines.

Manage and Grow your Distribution chain

Over 2 decades of experiences in the oil industry 1IGS Procurement has relationships with renowned,manufacturers and suppliers in theUS, Canada, across Europe, China,Far East and the Sub- continentand can supply equipment to thecorrect specification, on time andwithin budget.

Results driven procurement

Driving Innovation

Procurement, with its increasing strategic reach, can help oil & gas companies generate more value by identifying cost-saving pportunities, redefining supplier relationships, increasing spend efficiency and mitigating supply chain risks.


Comprehensive and Value-Driven Expertise on demand

Expertise that spans consulting, technology, and managed services expertise that spans consulting, technology, and managed services. Solutions for oil & gas that encompasses spend, category, strategic sourcing, Supply risk and much more.

Product variety

Team of Industry procurement.

Let’s create

Unique Procurement challenges

Every segment within the oil & gas sector has its unique challenges and complexities. The common thread among them is the need to contain costs and drive efficiencies.

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Get help with a complete range ofservices and solutions, from takingover a tail spend to delivery.

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