Bring complete transformation to the procurement of your organization. You can take advantage of the expertise we hold at 1IGS & Spend Matters and see how market leaders have welcomed digital disruption.

Why choose us

Reliable capacity


More than 24 dedicated local fleets and a global network exceeding 1,000 over-the-road (ORT) trucks with more than 67 capacity providers. We provide all models of domestic and global transportation one-stop supply chain.

Cargo security excellence


High-value, in-transit geo fence program for hazardous material, plus certified specialized heavy-haul operations project cargo.

Unique business model


Dependable customer service-experienced procurement and supply chain professionals with a vested interest in mutual success. Our business models allow us to provide an end-to-end flexible and scalable customer-focused solution.

Our solutions

1 stop shop

Our team of experts ensure equipment is inspected at point of manufacturing to ensure quality standards have been met, at port of loading to ensure right product is being shipped and coordinate delivery and installation.

How do we add value?

Supply chain visibility

Procurement delivery effectiveness

Co create smart workflows


Carrier procurement
Methods such as transaction procurement, procurement strategies, development, planning and technology all serve as a bridge to cover the technological gap. They are also critical to ensure a deliverable service while identifying savings.
We believe that developing a highly efficient transaction procurement infrastructure is key to the overall improvement of your organization and its supply chain.

Energize your operations with 1IGS

Historically, the process of transaction procurement has often been overlooked by businesses who then fail to optimize this process.

However, we believe that developing a highly efficient transaction procurement infrastructure is key to the overall improvement of your organization and its supply chain.


Source-to-pay services

1IGS modifies the financial and produce-to-pay processes with sourcing intelligence and necessary insights. Enhanced productivity, standardization, faster results and a medium to increase cost-savings and growth – anything is possible as we uplift the experience of the users.

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Lessen operating costs

Redefine the procurement functions using smart workflows, which infuse agility, hyper automate and control exponential technologies. This can include data analytics and artificial intelligence to bring operational efficiencies, higher resiliency and savings.

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Expand spend savings

Employ data in the enterprise and across the supplier network to allow unbiased insights. This will result in an increase in flexibility of supply chain responsiveness and lead to simultaneous changes to optimal pricing bargain.

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Enhance stakeholder satisfaction

We address the responsibility of supply chain, sustainability and diversity of suppliers to match the expectations of customers and partners. Amplify speed to value while leveraging advanced tools, technologies and strategies for sourcing.

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Digital Procurement

At 1IGS, we modify the purchase-to-receive cycle with the goal to ensure easy availability content while making the experience a delight. 1IGS has the ability to automate routing of all costs to increase the purchase of channels.

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Mode optimization

We determine the most cost-effective mode(s) of transport, whether it is by air, land or sea based on historic data and/or real-time data, taking into consideration volumes, tariffs and delivery constraints.

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1IGS team of experts will assist you implement a well-structured approach to transaction procurement process, we have been successful in providing a much more automated process for our clients with improvements seen across various aspects, allowing your business to turn much of their focus on strategic management. Let us develop a highly efficient transaction procurement infrastructure that will be key to the improvement of your overall strategy.