Whatever the needand to build


Supply and logistics infrastructure with edge to our country’s most demanding challenges.

Heavy Machinery construction equipment


1IGS delivers multiple brands,replacement parts.

Moving forward withpredictable sourcing


New or used machines, cement, rots, wood and all equipment for complex construction.

Expertise on demand Welders


1IGS keeps parts, materials, and equipment flowing to keep your projects on track.

We integrate technical know-how and best-in-class technology

Our mission is to continuously increase effectiveness and efficiency

What we supply and support

Air compressors and air tools, backhoes and bulldozer, compaction, concrete, and masonry earth moving, forklifts and material handling generators and light towers.


Connectivity at its Finest

Whatever you are doing, whereveraround the world, 1IGS is your trusted partner to ensure to ensure vision and mission success. Explore network optimization


We synchronize our operations with yours

Our people will support you every time on time. Be it an emergency installation, military, engineering, manufacturing we will provide you with specialized materials management, parts, and transport management in remote areas.


Confidential procurement

1IGS stores parts, material, and equipment flowing to keep your projects on track. HVAC, lawn, and landscape, plumbing and pipes, power distribution, power Tools etc.

Why Trust 1IGS

Construction Equipment

We don’t just supply your products Our people create end to end strategy, Transportation, delivery, and sustainability.

Explore 1IGS Procurement Solutions

We offer a fully integrated system with a variety of product offerings, logistics and technical support, inventory and distribution.

1IGS is your mission-savvy partner that eliminates the countless middlemen, streamlines the procurement process and ensures you have the right tools required to do the job, on time every time, and in a safe and compliant manner that is on budget.

1IGS procurement logistics: We have the right logistics infrastructure to help you meet your mission with strong successful results.

1IGS iProcure solutions:

AI-powered software bundles help you manage applications across any cloud – with strong security.

Product Categories

Product offerings

A wide array of supplies, equipment and materials to support your purchasing requirements


Let’s grow together

Our supply chain is engineered to meet any need, from replacement parts to end-to-end sustainment.


Industrial & MRO Supplies

Tools, Hardware & Building Supplies, Foodservice Equipment & Janitorial Supplies, Safety & Personal Protection Equipment Material Handling & Storage


Office Supplies, Furniture, and IT Products

Heavy Machinery & Construction Equipment Emergency Preparation, Response, and Recovery Supplies