1IGS Leadership Team

1IGS’s strength is its people. As a leader in procurement and supply chain solutions, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that create a competitive advantage for enterprises worldwide. Our leadership helps us maintain this focus and drives our commitment to deliver the highest value to our clients.

1IGS’s leadership is a collective of some of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the industry. Blending strong business acumen with rich technical expertise, they are leading 1IGS’s global workforce into the future.

Tanyi Egbe Besong

Chairman & CEO

"Our formula is very simple: Bring in amazing talent that will delight our customers."

As the founder & CEO, Tanyi has led 1IGS's growth as a rapidly expanding procurement and supply chain solutions innovator, serving a burgeoning roster of Fortune companies. Working closely with the management team, Tanyi has helped provide the vision, strategy and leadership that has helped us sustain a corporate growth rate that consistently tops 30-40 percent annually. His focus on nurturing talent and innovation, fostering a cohesive global leadership team, and sustaining the dynamic, client-centric culture has helped 1IGS become a widely recognized African industry leader. JC is passionately committed to building 1IGS, its solutions portfolio and its people, by helping our customers achieve their strategic, financial and operational goals in new and better ways, and leading the firm to rapid, sustainable growth.

Prior to founding 1IGS, Tanyi held the position of Supply Chain Director for Kosmos energy where he resigned in 2018. Tanyi served as the Supply Chain & Trade Compliance Director responsible for Africa while with Baker Hughes. Tanyi has held various executive leadership roles in Oil & Gas Supply Chain for close to 2 decades.

Tanyi has several patents to his credit, including an intelligent search-and-match engine for procurement, and a tool for managing multiple auctions. He is an active current member of Fairtrade, UTZ, Rain Forest Alliance and is a strong proponent of and contributor to 1IGS’s robust program of corporate social responsibility initiatives, undertaken in communities around Africa and now in the US.

Tanyi has an MBA in International Business from European Business School (Geneva), an MSc in Global Supply Chain Management from Brunel University (Uxbridge UK), and a degree in International Logistics Management from Vejle Business School (Denmark).


Valentine Egbune

Chief Financial Officer

“Whatever is true, pure, noble, just, and lovely requires to be handled with virtue. That is exactly what 1IGS stands for.

The executive of our Group has spent the past decade learning about intrinsic techniques of logistics & supply chain operations. We have listened, educated ourselves. Together we will implement the best tailored made solution that will assist you achieve you short- and long-term goals.”

Before joining 1IGS Group, Valentine served an Auditor with IRS and posses over 15 years financial and accounting leadership experience. He is also a US Veteran.

Javed Malik

VP Global Supply Chain

” To most people, the Sky is their limit, to those who Love supply chain, the Sky, moving people and product around the globe every time on time is what we are very passionate about,”

Malik is a transformation agent, he understands the key factor for success and supports the inclusion of young blood and skills transfer in the domestic and international supply chain industry.

He brings a wealth of experience gained from exposure and years of practical work around the globe.

Malik is a former Chairman of the Brics Aviation and Black Business Transport Committee.

He advocates for the development and progress of previously disadvantaged people and their economic welfare.


Dr. Laurent Festas, PhD

Chief Operating officer

"Our goal is to be the world preferred 1 Integrated supply chain management company,
where customers can find and discover anything they might want to acquire,
and endeavours to offer its clients value for money."