We conduct a thorough investigation of past and present spend data, review the entire optimization process while offering a tailormade sustainable roadmap that will meet long- and short-term growth.


Achieve operational agility with trust

As businesses adapt to an ever-changing normal, striving for next-level growth needs to consider extended network, collaboration and optimization beyond your organization. Transformation isn’t always easy and the current market challenges shouldn’t stand in your way. Drive operational agility and create new revenue streams through trusted partnerships with experts. Draw a detailed and long-term savings map with a potential savings and supply market analysis with 1IGS’s comprehensive opportunity assessment.

Iterate & validate business procurement where everyone can win

Transform your industry with profitable, smarter and safer assessments of supply chain-free legacy processes.

An assessment built for today’s complexed supply chain

Innovation resources are precious. Prioritizing the most advanced assessments before moving into any ideation or concept development is the key to the future sustainability of the business. Our qualitative model will ensure that you are pursuing something real and true.

Opportunity assessment expertise for smarter enterprising

Turn to 1IGS’s opportunity assessment services to envision, establish and evolve your day-to-day business operations. 1IGS’s procurement experts deliver configured programs to suit your unique needs.

Product Offerings solutions

Operational agility and speed to value

The greatest visionaries know where they are today and where the market will be in the future. Our experts will optimize and accelerate performance across your value chain.

Mitigate risk and eliminate overheads

Our team of experts implement the best practices and improve on clarity, visibility, business management reporting and streamline lengthy and overburdened processes.

New opportunities to monetize your operations.

Focus on your core business and trust 1IGS to modernize and allocate resources efficiently and effectively with integrated processes and reporting systems.

Blockchain solutions

Client-focused approach

Our BOA processes are centered on teamwork, we look across structure, processes, and systems to provide specific recommendations aligned with your organizational vision, mission, and strategy.

Identify customer need is the heart of successful innovation

Our team reviews all documents, interview key team members, management and all stakeholders. We believe that not all respondents are created equally, some simply have a much greater aptitude for pinpointing problems. Finding and fixing them is what we do best.

Define Success

The strongest innovation process begins with well-defined strategy and boundaries. An in person alignment workshop will establish clear stage gates to innovation - it defines what success looks like, sets its direction,and maps the Entire process.

Get started with 1IGS Procurement

Join an existing network. Build your own procurement solution. Co-create one with our experts. Partner with others for new opportunities. Wherever you are in your opportunity assessment journey, 1IGS Procurement will meet you there and help take you where you want to go.

Expert solutions


Innovation at its finest

Our clients understand that creating great products and services starts from the outside in. Unmet market needs are placed at the center of every phase. We find and engage all challenges using state-of-the-art research techniques and deliver remarkable product development work.


Team synchronization

We work closely with you, following a three-step process to and assess your best business opportunities.


We invest in research

Our team of experts uncover unmet needs and how they impact the organization. Building this knowledge using and array of approaches will reveal everything that needs to be done and give focus to ideation work.


Comprehensive assessment solutions

Our comprehensive BOA service includes an analysis of your structure, process, and systems. We evaluate your technology and controls to enhance system utilization, reporting, and organizational visibility.


Advanced technology

Our team of experts use and approach that supports the process of assessing and selecting tools that align with your future desired state. Whether you are looking to optimize on current technologies or selecting a complete enterprise system, we have a team of expert available to assist you.


1 Stop shop

Request a 30-minute call to discuss areas that could have an impact on your financial health: everything from structure and processes to systems and controls.

Opportunity Assessment for industries

Industry leaders are using 1IGS opportunity assessments to eliminate friction, build trust and unlock new value. Contact us today.

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Potential cost savings With 1IGS

We analyze and report cost, benefit flexibilities and risks, and then we share specific findings and recommendations based on best practices, which help you prioritize an actionable plan with a timeline, resources and the leadership to guide execution.

How much can you save on your spend?

Years of hands-on experience translates into comprehensive service delivery, which includes everything from category data to diversity spend, identifying, qualifying and prioritization opportunities and much more.

Just in time implementation save you time and money

Successful companies plan for products and services to arrive at just the right time. They are keenly aware of where they are today but also recognize where the market will be tomorrow. We believe the key to groundbreaking product innovation work is identifying and engaging individuals who have an uncommon ability to identify pain points. Let us assist you today.

Market opportunity analysis

Staying competitive and profitable amid rapidly evolving market conditions can be extremely challenging. Our team of experts ensure you are equipped with emerging technology, advanced business models and strategies that will thrive in day-to-day business operations. Let’s modernize your innovations and your strategy model.

Market opportunity analysis journey

1IGS experts will define opportunities available in your organization’s operating environment in terms of external, financial and internal considerations