Procurement and supply chain is our game

Designed by the world’s leading procurement experts, 1IGS empowers organizations and enterprises to leverage the buying power for all procurement needs. The impact on your bottom line is immediate.

We offer a range of services ranging from transaction procurement to tail —end spend management, Our focus is developing our advanced technologies to deliver you cost savings and increased efficiency.

Our solutions

Sourcing information


As a procurement service specialist firm, we ensure that we keep ourselves abreast of the general developments occurring in major equipment industries. Through daily contact with both salespeople and current trade literature, alert buyers pick up considerable information of value to our clients.

Liaison service


Our team of experts have been on the given side of procurement contracts and understand all the ins and outs of compliance, negotiation product, price, quality, logistics and distribution. These difficulties led to the creation of 1IGS group. Our team will liase with the source to discuss full product details, price and find the best cost effective transportation network to bring the product to you.

Negotiation, contract preparation and administration


The 1IGS team of experts work with you to qualitatively analyze and approve product quality. We leverage our long relationships to negotiate the best price and contract payment terms. No one can beat us when it comes to product quality, price, logistics, custom clearance and overground delivery. We are just the best at what we do.

Over 2 decades at the forefront driving global procurement operations


Price Matching

1IGS procurement guarantees its clients match or beat the pricing of any competitor! This policy has been implemented to develop long-term business relationships. Kindly speak to one of our representatives regarding this time-honored policy


Warranty and guarantee

Our company warranties and guarantees everything we sell to be free of defects. 1IGS procurement honors the warranty by replacing the material at absolutely no cost to our customers! "We have an excellent reputation for providing quality material from a vast network of manufacturers who offer reliable service and a strong commitment to building lasting relationships. All of this did not just happen overnight


We continually strive to add value to our service by simplifying your buying process and ensure you get the most out of your business with us. We simplify the procurement process using our extensive knowledge of global supply and logistics

Why choose US

Unique business model

We provide dependable customer service through experienced logistics professionals with a vested interest in mutual success. Our business model allows us to provide flexible and scalable customer-focused solutions.

Safe operations

We have enjoyed 99% claim-free cargo delivery over the last two decades. We are a company that has among the lowest accident rates in the industry, operating in areas where safety means life or death.

Benefits of partnering with 1IGS

What we do

We help companies involved in several sub-sectors of the oil and gas industry, including conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and production, midstream refining and marketing, oil field service and equipment manufacturing


Our insights

We work alongside organizations at all levels to evaluate the risks opportunities inherent to projects. We implement solutions that produce enduring results for immediate and future business success.


How we do it

We add value. The shift to new frontiers demands innovation and human capital investment. Organizations that embrace 1IGS solutions will ensure that their businesses are more competitive.


Client Satisfaction

Due to having this certification, you can rest assured knowing that your overall satisfaction in the service we provide is our priority. We strive for continual improvement of our system, tailoring our service to best suit your individual needs, which means we have consistently demonstrated our ability to provide a service that not only meets, but exceeds the high standards our clients have come to expectDue to having this certification, you can be safe knowing that your overall satisfaction in the service we provide is our priority. We strive for continual improvement of our system, tailoring our service to best suit your individual needs meaning that we have consistently demonstrated our ability to provide a service that not only meets but exceeds the high standards our clients have come to expect.



We work in unison with our clients on the implementation of more efficient strategies. We develop key features of the supply chain facility that we offer, and as a result, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who is committed to assisting you and enhancing your business and maintaining high quality


Global offices

In an industry that is incredibly fast-paced, firms are heavily reliant on their ability to react to unforeseen situations and strive for sustained success. 1IGS Group is strategically located in various countries around the globe, which means we are highly responsive when called upon to serve.


At 1IGS, we've are committed to reliability, flexibility and we are dedicated to servicing your unique needs. Our strong supplier relationships allow us to access the best quality products at the best prices, globally. We have key relationships with logistic providers and integrate exportation into our service as a value add. We are committed to regular visits to maintain a culturally sensitive understanding, not only with the people we work with, but also through the regions we work within.

Why 1IGS procurement?

Methods such as transaction procurement, procurement strategies, development, planning and technology all serve as a bridge to cover the technological gap. They are also critical to ensure a deliverable service whilst identifying savings. Historically, the process of transaction procurement has often been overlooked by businesses who then fail to optimize this process.

Out team of experts assist you implement a well-structured approach to the transaction procurement process, we have been successful in providing a much more automated process for our clients with improvements seen across various aspects, allowing them to turn much of their focus to strategic management.



1IGS also has a dedicated logistics and shipping team of professionals solely tasked with ensuring that your service is delivered with the utmost efficiency. They are available from start to finish throughout the whole supply chain process, working tirelessly until they know the goods have safely arrived at their destination.


Global Sourcing

We can source anything from anywhere in the world and at the best possible price. As a leading mining supply company, we have excellent buying power allowing us to negotiate large-scale cost savings that are passed directly to our clients.

With excellent product knowledge and mine site purchasing expertise coupled together, we can confidently say that we are at the forefront of global sourcing across the world.



We package all our goods carefully and precisely across all our warehouse locations, ensuring to maintain the highest standards throughout the entire process.

This guarantees your goods will arrive to you in perfect condition. We take into consideration the nature of the goods, mode of transport, the specific regulations of the involved countries, the security and protection against damage or loss in transit.