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No matter how quickly you grow, your customers will continue to expect fast, accurate and reliable order fulfilment – from anywhere in the world.

Our integrated solutions provide:

Real-time business insight into orders and inventory


Real-time order and shipping updates for customers from experts with executive industry experience.

Fast international shipping


Fully branded order fulfilment from point A to point B – we assist you in reinventing an agile and successful logistics process.

Energizing your operations with end-to-end solutions


Our logistics management services are in full adherence with the group’s strict ethics and compliance polices. This includes all anti-corruption regulations.

Extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in the planning of operations.

Our strength is in our people

What makes 1IGS different from other companies? Simply put – it’s our people! Small but perfectly formed, our team of logistics management experts are always on hand to ensure your operations goes smoothly and your shipments are delivered in perfect condition and on time. Our outstanding customer service and real attention to detail separates us from our competitors.


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Logistics procurement

Leverage better logistics to gain a competitive advantage across all surface modes. 1IGS helps you negotiate freight transportation and associated services to ensure that your delivery costs and service levels allow you to compete more effectively. This is just one of the many ways we help you optimize logistics costs and turn logistics into a competitive advantage.

Over the past two-plus decades, 1IGS’s senior management team has helped negotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation contracts.

Diagnostic Logistics Assessment

Assessment and Optimization

Diagnostic logistics assessments are one of the most powerful services we offer shippers.

Critical process steps:

Understanding your commercial and business objectives by gaining a firm understanding of how logistics must support your overall business goals. Our work proceeds with the right objectives in mind and prioritizes the biggest areas of impact.

General freight management

Commercial freight forwarding

Our experts are a highly experienced freight forwarders and utilize a huge network of trusted partners and global employees to ensure your freight gets delivered on time. We offer freight services for business and private individuals, with our services customized to fit your needs.

Export or import by air, sea or road. We also offer customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution

End-to-end freight

Sea freight

We offer sea freight forwarding to business and individuals alike. 1IGS can also provide a complete range of import and export operations by sea. We work with the world’s largest carriers, providing cost-effective sea freight rates and reliable sailing schedules. Full loads – FLC, LCL – less than container loads, receiving and palletizing, door to door, door to port and tracking.

Out of gauge

If you have a shipment that is overweight or over width, we can move it.

1IGS Logistics

Road freight forwarding

Leveraging our sister company 1IGS Logistics, we can provide transport across the entire U.S., Europe, Central & East Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


We can provide groupage services by road for palletized, loose to dangerous cargo and out of gauge.

Dedicated vehicles

We have vehicles at our disposal for transport when you need it and to where you need it delivered.

Unbeatable fleet

Air freight

If you’re looking for door-to-door service, utilizing our network of global experts with whom we have had many years of working together, we’ll take care of your air freight shipment from origin to destination and include customs clearance, and of course, our regular overland delivery.

Our door-to-airport service can provide you with the choice of using your own customs agent at your airport of destination.

No agents involved

Cargo plane charter

When you have an unusual shipment that requires a charter aircraft, we’ll check routing, timescale and payload to establish the most suitable aircraft for your needs. We can offer part-charters, backloads and other solutions, as you need. We can supervise aircraft loading and unloading and co-ordinate the delivery of your specialist equipment to its destination.

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