Tailor designed for long-term sustainable partnerships that deliver results. Re-invent day-to-day operations and improve business, society and the global environment


Drive productivity, boost savings and gain a competitive edge with unrivalled procurement and supply chain capabilities

With intention to attain success with re-invention, present-day enterprises need to bring their processes together throughout the organization and utilize state-of-the-art solutions. Upon collaboration with different businesses to initiate smart workflows, we put together our master plan, utilizing internal and external teams with strong artificial intelligence technologies, which revolutionize the entire chain.

Choose the right partner and be wise!

Finance consulting and deployment


Our 1IGS Consulting functions discover, reach and evaluate operations, methods, and applications to know about impactful innovations that will create a better way of implementing decisions.

Breaking through all the noise of sustainability


1IGS brings real firepower to the table and is backed by some of the world’s most reputable supply chain experts who are thought leaders on the topic.

Specialized product development and innovation


We are an organization with state-of-the-art operations capabilities in new product development and rollout. We design, plan, implement and manage the entire process.

Create resiliency and a competitive edge


Accelerate your steps towards operational connectivity

From accounts payable to supplier sourcing, you can count on us for revolutionizing the procurement organization with smarter workflows, which will result in a new value.


Create flexibility throughout the supply chain

The present-day leaders are considering long-established working methods, where the major obstacle in guiding supply chains is impacting the previous logic. We strive to create flexible, sustainable, and agile supply chains for tomorrow.


We are just the bridge

1IGS has a solid network of manufacturers both locally and internationally, providing us with real firepower to help your business reduce costs and time by centralizing invoicing and purchasing.


United innovation at a business level

At 1IGS, we instill intelligence, skills, and processes in everything we do. Consequently, you can reap the potential of our expertise to bring enhancements in predictions, optimization, and automation, assisting your organization to result in apt decisions accurately and faster.

"The assistance of the 1IGS team will open your curiosity for operational excellence and several related aspects, such as its shaping and functions."


The best operations transform strategy into success and deliver holistic impact – rapidly. Your business’s specific needs, culture and challenges are central to our work. We are focused on you, offering a practical, hands-on partnership that delivers sustainable, inclusive growth. We help you ensure the transformation sticks by working with your people to reach their full potential with hands-on, end-to-end strategies.


Capital excellence


We assist businesses in attaining higher and rapid returns by deploying best-in-class methods across their capital projects, portfolio and project delivery value chain..



Creating a lasting impact in global manufacturing and end to end distribution and logistics operations

Service Operations

Operations Transformation

Transformations that unlock the full potential of operations are sustained by building state-of-the-art capabilities and adding agility

Environmentally sustainable operations

Environmental sustainability is moving from aspiration to realization for key stakeholders and from investors to clients and customers.

Resilience & Reimagination

Success in the “next normal” requires resilience throughout the entire operational chain. Let us assist you reimagine your operations