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Our team at 1IGS has come up with strategies that pave the way for an exciting era of new artificial intelligence technologies

In the previous year, we initiated several actions to accomplish ushering in new technologies, and as a result, we have found our portfolio reinforced and our partner ecosystem intensified, leading to an amplification of organizational growth.

In 2022, our strategy was oriented to empowering technology. We united the expertise and technological advancement from 1IGS, our partners and challengers.

Driving profit margins and building our local communities

We strive to fulfill all the requirements being put by our clients, who see artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud as the sources of edge.

We also aim to be the stimulus of the growth for our clients after they step ahead with digital up-gradation after the profitable businesses of the globe. In this report, you will find that our strategy meets the arrangement with our partners and clients. We have witnessed a rising demand for business expertise and technology, and we strive to attain sustainable growth.

The year 2021

For this year, our team at 1IGS has earned a revenue of 50 million, and a sum of 4 million from cash operations. We have witnessed constant growth in 2021, which we can measure as 15% our 4th quarter.

We leverage our ability to amalgamate our sourcing and proficiency. With this, we aim to bring valuable results for our partners and clients, which impacts our performance positively.

At 1IGS, we strive to fulfill all the requirements of our clients who see artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud as cutting-edge. We also aim to be the stimulus of the growth for our clients as they step ahead with digital upgrades, following in the footsteps of other profitable businesses around the globe.

Strategy and Execution

We embarked on a new year backed by our determined goals, to emphasize our portfolio, widen our ecosystem, and ease our operations. Considering our financial performance, we strive to showcase our skill set for effective execution.

In the past year, we merged our offerings with new sourcing methods, which are highly transformational.

To strengthen our organic investments, we made strategic acquisitions, which can reinforce and extend our offerings. An example includes the BetCocoa Processing Plant and its in-demand products, like cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cocoa liquorTo go with our organic investments, we made strategic acquisition, which can reinforce and extend our offerings. Let us say, Bet Cocoa Procesing Plant, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Liqour.

In order to enhance the submission of the value of the contribution to our clients, we have chosen to upgrade the client engagement model to focus on experience-based sales and co-creation. We have also enhanced our partner database to a great extent. It is a network of self-sufficient vendors, systems integrators, channel partners, developers, and service providers. It has been thoroughly chosen to extend value to our clients and partners.

In 2021, we reinforced prevailing relationships with various organizations, including Delta Airline, Exxon Mobile, and Ritter Sport. We have brought leading consulting services in alliance with SAP and created an analytics solution from artificial intelligence with our partners.

Focusing on client's growth

We have put in our efforts to amplify submitting the value to our partners and clients, a major cultural shift at 1IGS while focusing wholly on clients. We carry a thorough belief that we possess the skills to find solutions to every critical problem of our clients.

We have observed a rising requirement of our capabilities in different areas. Our clients look forward to a one stop solution, several possible business tasks considering the present workforce dynamics. We haveseen a rise in the usage of artificial intelligence and expected skill sets to enhance the supply chains.

As clients begin to handle these opportunities and challenges, they need a partner they can count on with a recognized partner who possesses a proven record of providing strategic transformation.

This perception of putting clients first and finding solutions to their problems has laid the foundation of rising recurring revenue base. This can also be seen as another reason, which has supported the trust of our clients.

Influence of the Digital era

We have become aware that we are accountable for a lot more, in addition to the conclusion. It has given us more reasons to welcome our leadership role in shaping technology for this era.

The highly crucial challenge our society faces today has become a STEM skills gap, which hinders socio-economic and technological progress. To bring the solution to this issue, we indulge ourselves in the leading government levels to enhance access to the skill set required for modern and promising jobs.

We also keep going ahead for progress on inclusion and diversity, which can enhance society and business. In the year 2021, we equipped our executive compensation program with a diversity enhancer so that we can strengthen the role of a varied workspace. We have been receiving accolades for creating an amazing workspace for everyone.

The advancements to support the working space

Our goal at 1IGS is to emphasize actionable changes. We look forward to creating more partnerships, extending diverse ideas, and revolutionizing in the most possible way.

With this, we want to extend our hand to all stakeholders to come and be a part of resolving the intricate problems that societies and businesses can face today.

Considering that these problems can change too, we at 1IGS will improvise the possible steps to combat every hindrance coming our way. Even though we have been embracing the change in many aspects, there exist several platforms that stay untouched.

We are devoted to focusing ourselves on the success of our clients, proceeding with the necessary revolution, and keeping up with the responsibility and trust.

One of the reasons behind emphasizing the standards is that everyone in our clientele owns and manages our essential airlines, banks, electrical grids, telecommunication networks, and several others.

They have a varied role along with their part in economic growth. They are also responsible for the reinforcement of modern society. In order to make them more productive, faster, and securer, we emphasize making everyone's efforts first.

Together we can and will become the push towards progress for the coming decades.

Tanyi Egbe Besong

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

1IGS is a leading provider of innovative procurement, logistics and supply chain solutions. An American procurement and operations powerhouse. A best-of-breed provider of managed procurement and supply chain services. Which is it?

Fact is, we are all of these and more.

Because real solutions require “more than a hammer,” 1IGS Group has organized itself and its offerings around achieving the best results for its customers – quickly, easily, efficiently.

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