How we are giving back

Local content should not be a myth.

Processes and procedures should be designed and implemented to ensure success. 1IGS is mobilizing significant resources through enhanced development cooperation to provide adequate and predictable means, programs and policies that ensure promotion and training in the countries we operate in. Our culture and business ethics are guided by our corporate value and commitment to local content compliance

Your Challenge

Empowering individual action

Our team believes in the power of individuals to effect change. We’ve enabled more than 7,000 colleagues in more than 20 cities across countries to help make a difference in their local communities.

Building today for a better tomorrow

In 2018, 1IGS donated more than two million masks to under-privileged communities and more than 50 ventilators to low-income hospital in various communities around the world.

Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth

We have always done well to do good. Today, we’re blessed to work with communities that have experienced growth. We’re committed to the pursuit of sustainability, inclusion and overall peace.

1IGS Projects

Environmental Sustainability

Our strategy helps us control the impact our firm has on the environment.


1IGS donated more than $5 million in cash to support and build cooperative schools, hospitals and government infrastructure

Nonprofits supported

1IGS and its business units and partners have contributed to efforts that assist immigrants fleeing from armed conflict in Africa.