Drive productivity and boost savings

1IGS offers a variety of integrated portfolio solutions to address the complexities and multi-layered difficulties that modern businesses face. Our managed services options are flexible and can be programmed to meet your organization’s specific needs, whether its end-to-end outsourcing or targeted solutions for specific focus areas

Product offerings

Managed services for procurement


We are a global leader in procurement. 1IGS offer a unique combination of end-to-end services that combine a wide range of categories and industry expertise with specific focus on procurement transformation.



Innovative distribution solutions without any middleman that will propel your organization. Valued added services leveraging our own assets (1IGS Logistics). We ensure your business stands out.



Customized transportation solutions keep your day-to-day operations ahead of disruptions. 1IGS provides excellent services and our company is dedicated to building partnership.

Category Management

Material handling

1IGS excels at advancing equipment with the industry’s most advanced fleet. We are the only company to offer a complete suite of supply chain services designed specifically to challenge material handling assets.

Supply chain solutions

1IGS supply chain identifies the best solutions for your unique operational needs. From a single project that addresses one disruption to a complete analysis, our team of experts assist in determining the best path forward.


1IGS delivers the most cost-effective and innovative solutions, connecting your customers to the products and services they need and ensuring success in day-to-day operations.

Industry-leading experience

1IGS more than two decades of experience in developing meaningful tools for distribution and fulfilment, comprehensive transportation management, materials handling and IT.

Our industry-leading integrated workspaces provide a complete, end-to-end logistics and supply chain solution, as well as source-to-pay services. Our global network operating designs enable our customers to leverage the skills and expertise of our best-in-class teams around the globe.

Unmatched expertise

Building a united front with innovative the supply chain


To stay ahead of the competition, you need a partner with inventive solutions that resolve the issues of today’s fast-paced environment. To create these offerings, 1IGS brings the kind of expertise that is bold and challenges the status quo. There is no better version of us in this industry.

Expert advice and real strategies to assist you in cutting costs


1IGS is your trusted partner in leading 3PL solutions. We synchronize our expertise and network with you to deliver the most inventive, innovative services that will successfully build your entire logistics and supply chain and keep your customers happy.

Leveraging our sister company, 1IGS Logistics, to put you above everyone


From improved supply chain planning to more effective logistics coordination 1IGS will get you the change and speed you need. Our synchronized integrated managed solutions are engineered to last and for all key stakeholders. Our sister company 1IGS Logistics has a network that is built on trust with ties that can’t be broken at any cost

Financial services resources

Personalized fulfillment

We don’t just say it to please you – 1IGS teams are very committed to delivering personalized goals with end-to-end lean results. We reinvent. The entire chain, from bottom line up, ensures we leave no loopholes. Our end game includes strategies that are second to none.

Data driven results

1IGS charts a new path for 3PLs in the U.S. and around the world, improving results, creating new avenues for growth and assisting organizations prosper. Get involve with us today and let us help you drive your business into the future.

1IGS realizes greater agility, Scalability, and efficiency

Our system and vendor workspaces are integrated with track and trace, PO, RFQ, payments, invoicing and pulse check. Our team of experts provide you with insights into current trends and available to serve you 24/7/365. Even on rainy days, we are there for you.

Our managed services offer you transparent pricing, volume discounting, dealer direct pricing, the convenience of one monthly invoice and a 45-day payment policy