1IGS will reinvent mission critical supplier workflows with logistics and supply chain capabilities that have no match. We will create efficient processes, augment human capabilities and improve business outcomes and networks.

Generational partnerships that can’t be easily destroyed.

1IGS supplier management consulting brings vast transformation experience, process and industry expertise and methods that accelerate strategies and assist build strategy, capabilities and skills. This process quickly onboards new suppliers and easily manages accurate supplier data.

1IGS Strategy

Procurement optimization

47 X

Faster sourcing, reduced risk and improved efficiency with 38 % faster delivery

Full control


Integrated workspaces that give you full control of product quality, quantity and price. Our database is designed to accommodate only verified and accredited suppliers

Save time and money

60 X

Faster supply chain planning, faster sourcing, faster logistics, as well as faster installation and operational time. Let suppliers upload and maintain their information so you can focus on your core tasks.


“We don’t just say it to please anyone, but Tanyi and myself, since the beginning of 1IGS Group, have designed and implemented new supply chain rollouts in places around the globe where nothing works normally. We always say, ‘if it’s easy, don’t call us. Let me know when it becomes impossible, and I will sit with Tanyi and find a suitable cost-effective solution.’ Let us take your business to another level by implementing state-of-the-art strategies that will assist you in mitigating risk and avoid all the unforeseen supply chain loopholes faced by your competition.”

— Laurent Festas, supply chain vice president


Improve supplier visibility

Our team of experts have invented specific supplier management systems that support your day-to-day activities and needs. Our integrated supplier portal provides complete visibility to all spend transactions for your supplier, as well as provide an easy way for them to manage information.

One portal and no middlemen

Experience is the best teacher and no one understand that better than us. Our vendor online portal can self-onboard any vendor, anywhere around the globe. It also includes auditing and verification processes to ensure compliance, quality control and risk mitigation.

Cut administration costs

The number of middlemen in the chain are reduced as we act as a bridge between you and the supplier. The supplier will input their information on their own and with that done, the system will be synchronized with you and give up-to-date insights on everything that is important to you. We save you time and money

Automate certain tasks

Alerts, notifications and messages are sent to suppliers to ensure essential documents are kept up to date. In addition, rudimentary compliance tasks can be automated to ensure new certifications and accreditations are kept current.

Capture key information

1IGS experts encourages sourcing teams to capture better quality data on their supplier. This includes risk metrics, KPIs and specific supplier capabilities and the supply chain.

Less inquiries and a smoother invoice process


Our team offers a secure, cloud-based portal that allows you to order and ship your products with one click. You can send PO, invoices, and ship and track your shipment, pay for invoices etc. All this at a click of your finger.

Common challenges you face


Post-Covid-19 suppliers

56% of CPOs said that key suppliers have gone bankrupt or are severely hampered

41% of CPOs said they had to expedite shipping to keep critical supply lines flowing

36% of CPOs said suppliers are failing to meet new requirements

Use cases

Reduces Administrative Costs

Rather than manually entering supplier information, SIM promotes suppliers to self-serve, ensuring organizations have the latest info for their suppliers without entering the data themselves, saving time and cash.

Automates Specific Tasks

Our team automates many tasks, including notification, messages and alerts. Suppliers get the information they need to keep documents updated automatically.

Advantages of Using 1IGS supplier Information Management Solution

1IGS supplier information management solution offers substantial benefits for procurement teams and organizations looking to gain control of their sourcing.

Final Thoughts

There's no denying that data is king in this tech-centric society. Hence, procurement teams should be interested in developing a robust supplier management database, because it will offer clear supplier metrics, vendor visibility and the information they need to make objective data-driven decisions.

Effective Supplier Management Program

Leading procurement teams demand that supplier relationship management solutions be better equipped to adapt to uncertainty and thrive despite disruption.

Open collaborations

As the “glue” between suppliers and stakeholders, procurement leaders must ensure that their SRM program prioritizes collaboration. One way to do this is to provide suppliers and stakeholders a central hub where they can communicate their needs and criteria.

How can you build out your program and set it up for success?

Supply chain control

Procurement teams with robust supplier management systems need to partner with their suppliers and achieve key business goals, like supplier diversity, strategic cost savings and more spend under management.

Involve stakeholders from day one

You can have the best supplier information management program, but all of that means nothing if everyone involved is not engaged. Our team of experts invests time to and ensure all key stakeholders are involved from that start.

Internal and external training

Effective change leadership will go a long way and make a difference in ensuring new processes are adopted by all stakeholders and suppliers. Our team of experts assist with multiple training sessions that educates partners on how to use new programs and take advantage of their benefits.

Oil & Gas

Extracting the most value: Helping oil and gas companies be efficient and competitive.

Volatility and unpredictability in the oil & gas sector have not abated from the levels we've observed over the last several decades. Geopolitical and economic uncertainties, regulatory restrictions, changing global markets and supply risks are compelling oil & gas companies to up their game and adopt a dynamic approach to operations and processes.


Driving Innovation

Procurement, with its increasing strategic reach, can help companies generate more value by identifying cost-saving opportunities, redefining supplier relationships, increasing spend efficiency and mitigating supply chain risks, to name a few.

Embracing the right strategies and new digital technologies as a means to tackle inevitable cost escalation and finding new avenues of growth and efficiency will be critical to sustainable success.


Unique Challenges

Every segment within the oil & gas sector has its unique challenges and complexities. The common thread among them is the need to contain costs and drive efficiencies. Cost reduction is not new for upstream businesses that were compelled to slash capital expenditures following the recent oil price collapse.

But this has now assumed greater importance amid increasing competition.



Comprehensive and Value-Driven Solutions: 1IGS has more than two decades of procurement expertise that spans consulting, technology and managed services. 1IGS’s procurement solutions for organizations encompasses spend analysis, category management, strategic sourcing, supply market intelligence, supply risk management and much more.

Our team of industry experts is continually focused on identifying new avenues of growth and efficiency for our oil & gas clients and accelerating the process of value realization.



“’With 1IGS, we’ve saved in the tens of millions of dollars.’”
It’s something we’ve heard from clients many times. 1IGS’s savings supplier information management function provides a full life-cycle view of the project from an ideation phase to the realization phase, enabling your organization to update the projected, negotiated and realized savings in each stage of the procurement process.”

– Tanyi Egbe Besong
CEO, 1IGS Group