Our team of experts will optimize your working capital, enable more visible savings, improve customer experience and your supplier relationship. Stop wasting valuable time in manual invoice management and let 1IGS create modern invoice management solutions that will reduce your accounts payable costs by up to 80%

The most powerful AP

Supply chain is what we good at

Let us assist you eradicate invoicing complexity, build supplier relationship, and drive greater cost savings with 1IGS’s smart invoice management strategy.

Free up time and focus on your core business and let our accounting savvy experts create intelligent automated end to end invoice management processes that validate, match and reconcile to deliver next generation cost reductions results.

Innovative and results driven solution

1IGS invoice management Experience benefits


Tailored to suit your needs

Our team utilizes the best-in-class invoice automation software’s available in the market to reduce accounts Payable workload, enables faster payment and allows early pay discounts.


Highly experience and certified experts

Our team of experts will ensure all invoices logged in are compliant as per contract terms and give you better visibility to keep costs in line by detecting hidden unauthorized spend, pricing, and early insights into budget challenges.


Boost supplier performance

Avoid delays in service delivery, service suspensions and business failure. We create strategies that work from small to the largest vendor networks with real time collaboration, safe and fast reconciliation.


Critical work delivery

Not all teams are well equipped with Constant changing technologies, 1IGS Experts are up to date with current market trends and assist with streamlined, Modern automated processes that save time by reducing manual work. Focus on what you are good at and let us worry about managing your invoices.

Digitalize existing paper invoices

Dynamic discounting

Automate your discount processes and improve cash management. Our state-of-the-art integrated workspace will notify your team on upcoming payment driven reduction opportunities.

Customer centric handling


Endless and fast support to assist you maximize your invoice turnaround times with minimal input to enable your vendor resolve most issues that might cause an invoice to be rejected before it reaches your team.

Improve spend management

Integrate open invoice automation with your existing source to pay and contract management systems to get you clear visibility on price, compliance, robustly reporting to provide insights and information to control spend leaks.

1IGS offers smart, integrated source to pay invoice

management strategies that store all your data in one platform, from contract to purchases, invoices, and payment. We track the entire process and ensure all payments are captured on time, per terms, improve cash flow and drive extra savings on early payment discounts.

We accompany you every time, every step through the entire process and create a track and trace system to automatically ensure all parties abide to agreed product, price, and delivery.

What it takes to create a compliant invoice process

It’s not as easy as it sounds, invoice management takes time. Depending on the invoice, you need to include the full details of the sender, receiver, addresses, and the Itemized receipts of products, services, taxes, payment and delivery terms.

The more your business grows, your invoices become more Complexed. Our team of experts implement the best Compliant processes in place to ensure bottom line Success is achieved through the entire chain.


How 1IGS assists organizations In changing their invoices Processing

Today’s business environments are fragile and companies need to adapt quickly and grow. Our team of accounting experts will assist you eliminate all traditional invoicing methods and implement the best marketing digital invoicing market technology.

The benefits of are far greater and save time, east storage Organization, and reduction in the amount of paper to sift Through.


The world has learned much from the pandemic, organizations

Realized how important it is to be digital. Having the best Digital invoice management system will not only enable your business to continue its operations virtually but also assist employees to do better and have the necessary tools required to address any future supply chain disruption.

At 1IGS, we advise businesses to embrace digital technology to expand their operations, increase operations agility, and ensure resiliency.

Let’s assist you run a digital platform that will help you run compliant payables and payment processes quickly and accurately.


Tax compliance laws and regulations are associated

with sales, value-added tax (VAT) that buyers and suppliers must adhere to. Similarly, e-invoicing compliance refers to the laws and regulations that suppliers and buyers must comply with when sending and receiving electronic invoices. While these two forms of compliance are very similar, each has its own unique requirements that businesses must keep in mind.

Failure to ensure compliance will result in fines, fees, barriers to production, halt to your cash flow or worst-case business closure. Businesses need to ensure compliance not only for regulatory reasons but also to ensure that their business operations can operate efficiently and effectively.


Benefits of partnering with 1IGS

Authenticity of Origin

Our team of experts a more efficient, flexible, and future ready invoice management system that ensures seller and recipient invoice authenticity and verification.

Integrity of Content

1IGS systems ensure no alterations is made to the content once documents have been issued with automated alerts if any parties attempt to make any unauthorized changes.


All invoices will be accompanied by an accounting expert from issuance through storage periods.

How does 1IGS assist you


Our integrated solutions use technology to record and track invoices.

Our team is made up of experienced and qualified accounting experts. We assist you build tools to save you time and effort. With 1IGS, your AP team will not have to manually enter data and file invoices. Rather, they can delegate time-consuming or tedious tasks to our advanced AI.


A wining approaches

1IGS assists you to ensure your logistics and supply chain operations operate safety and compliantly. Our systems are built for evolving and complexed modern tax landscape and is customized to support operations.


Our e-invoicing system allows you to scale up or down

Our team of experts give you complete control over what you want to automate and when. Our customers also love the easy tracking and organization of transaction records.


Smart Coding

Meet Valentine, your personal intelligent certified accountant, equipped with advanced OCR, ML and AI technologies. Valentine and his team will assist you captures invoice data in real-time and learns your accounting process for accurate coding and approval routing.


Easy Match

Pay your way with maximum flexibility and control. Use your preferred payment method, or direct Pay for easy payment runs with painless paper checks, easy-to-reconcile card. Collect, manage, and own all corporate spend in one place.

Pricing power capabilities

We build together

Real resolutions require unified efforts of all involved stakeholders

Our team of experts support all parties involved to enable, encourage, and help your business enforce compliant e-invoicing and build your business.

Experienced professional

1IGS has a proven track record of assisting organizations to implement a resilient, compliant, and reliable business practices. Our business solutions assist you attain your full business potential.

Chat with a 1IGS accounting expert For a 30-minute invoice management Strategy session at no cost

1IGS can assist you to take charge of compliance in your organization by equipping you with the digital platform you need to streamline your transactions

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