Our team of experts are true collaborators who care. Don’t wait to reach out – include, listen and learn. Get to know the members of our inclusion and diversity council and see our latest updates and initiatives on our corporate site. You can also meet our company leadership.

How we define density, equity and inclusion

Diverse workforces, inclusive culture and supplier diversity

Attracting, retaining and developing people, the work environment and well being

Holistic, personalized support

1IGS delivers unique and personal experiences, aligned to individual needs, that fit into daily routines and support holistic, lasting growth.

Elevated by key features beyond coaching sessions, your people engage in assessments, curated D&I learning resources and personal insights that reinforce their growth.

Supporting mental health

We recognize that change and uncertainty are ever present, and we can play an important role in helping our people manage the pressures of work and personal life. To do this we offer several mental health programs through our

Diversity and inclusion training drives organizational impact

Workplace cultures strong in diversity, inclusion, and belonging have been linked to increased organizational productivity. 1IGS integrates evidence-based methods with scalable coaching strategies and robust analytics to transform your culture from the core of your organization — your people. We deliver holistic, personalized training experiences that create meaningful change and support internal, personal growth.

We are 100% compliant

We have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, society, and within our organization.

At 1IGS, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just moral imperatives, they are integral to our dual mission—to assist our customers and employees make substantial, lasting performance improvements and to build a firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. Through our groundbreaking research, we have set out a compelling business and economic case for diversity. We use our global reach, we share our insights, convene partnerships for action, and serve clients to inform critical decision-makers with the power to make real change.

Doing well to do good is embedded in our DNA

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion includes advising and supporting key stakeholders across industries, assisting them to customize their own approaches to creating value through improving diversity and fostering an inclusive culture. Drawing on our extensive research and expertise, we use innovative capabilities based on behavioral psychology, as well as proprietary tools and technology-driven solutions, to help customers access the benefits of diversity.

Moving forward together

Diversity: The unique attributes that we bring as individuals.
Equity:Cultivating fair treatment and access to opportunity to maximize an individual's potential.
Inclusion: How we value difference, respect, and interact with one another.


Diverse workforce

To attract and retain a diverse workforce, we must ensure that 1IGS maintains access to and supports a diverse pipeline of talent.

Inclusive culture

Our global DEI council was established in 2019 to assist leadership increase accountability on this strategic priority.

Attracting, retaining, and developing people

1IGS recognizes the importance of recruiting and retaining talent that is second to none. To do this we provide a welcoming, diverse and inclusive workplace.

We stand for world peace

We stand for world peace

We stand for world peace

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Supplier diversity

We seek to expand our commitment to DEI across our supply chain, increasing equity and economic opportunity while simultaneously building a more resilient and innovative supply chain for our business. We want to support and build strong partnerships with a diverse array of local and global suppliers who share our values.

Work and well-being

Striving for flexibility in the global workplace, we take a fresh look at our approach to historical workplaces and schedules. Our leadership has put global, flexible working environments and guidelines in place to support workers and managers in navigating the future of work while balancing business needs.