At 1IGS, we understand that merely having a risk management plan in place isn't enough. We help you monitor and track the progress of your risk mitigation initiatives to ensure that they work in real-life business situations. 1IGS offers a wide range of proprietary risk management tools and insightful dashboards tailored to help you interact with your suppliers and other operational stakeholders and make timely, informed decisions. We work closely with our clients to develop various contingency measures and devise business continuity plans based on your organizational requirements.

Safely address all key logistics & supply chain disruptions that grow and grow with you


Expertise on Demand

With two decades of experience working with organizations of hundreds of fortunes 500 and 2000 clients across industries and categories, 1IGS offers unmatched expertise in third-party risk management.


Risk Mitigation

Our unique combination of robust processes, big dataGlobal feeds, augmented artificial, intelligence, predictive analytics, and reporting frameworks helps,organizations proactively identify, and mitigate third-party risks.


Governance & reporting

Once the risks have been identified and prioritized, we develop a comprehensive risk mitigation plan based on short-term, medium-term, and long-term risks. 1IGS also helps clients identify the right people to implement the risk management plan, assign responsibilities and create escalation mechanisms for these risks.

Develop a winning supply chain strategy with 1IGS that is effective, efficient and agile

Our approach is simple ― we start off with our customer at the center. Supply chain processes are horizontal and work across internal, vertical organizations to deliver value to customers. People, process, technology and assets must work seamlessly, meeting and exceeding customer expectations to win in the marketplace. We first assimilate your business goals and then work with you to develop supply chain strategies that drive superior competitive advantage and value.

See how we can crate strategies that stand the test of time

At 1IGS, we believe that successful supply chain strategies are, by definition, sustainable. We develop and execute supply chain strategies that deliver competitive advantage year after year.

Your Challenge

Innovative enterprise solutions

Together, we'll blueprint a supply chain strategy that not only achieves current objectives, but helps sustain success through shifts in economic conditions, corporate strategy, and technology as well as social, political and environmental factors.

What Do You Want Your Supply Chain to Deliver?

Higher profitability Enhanced customer value More flexibility and agility Greater resilience Improved sustainability No matter what your business priority 1IGS can help you develop and implement highly effective supply chain strategies that deliver results.

We take into account key drivers that improve your ability to compete effectively: Market Alignment: We align your supply chain operations with customer values, adding a new dimension to the overall supply chain, one that drives greater levels of customer service and higher profitability