1IGS supplier management

Empower your organization today by becoming agile, innovative and highly networked. Our team of experts create tailormade procurement strategies that drive success, save costs, minimize risk and create flexibility while dealing with disruptions.

1IGS supply chain analysts will take you a step further to procurement excellence. The current global remote working scenario has made it mandatory for organizations have a better supplier relationship management strategy. Let us assist you in building resilience and agility.

Supplier management benefits

Build a modern process and best practices strategy

Today’s global business has been swept off their foundations, making business processes more dynamic, competitive and complexed. Our strategy will increase your supplier management by 80%.

Managing a growing supplier base efficiently and effectively

Our team of experts can assist you in implementing a well-structured supplier management process that will allow your organization to maintain multiple suppliers while providing access to a bigger network with ease.

Achieving cost savings, quality control and traceability

It is very important to implement a solid and agile supplier practice that will enable businesses to identify threats and cost savings opportunities. Organizations also need to be able to scrutinize the quality of supplier output and directly boost the bottom line, and we can show you how.

Our team of experts understand what your business needs

Improving the organization’s supply transparency

Our team of experts will assist you in implementing the right supplier management system that will allow you to streamline valuable information and data regarding the lifecycle of your suppliers.

Tracking compliance to relevant parameters

All suppliers have to fulfill specific sets of parameters to ensure they are fulfilling the requirements of the contract and the organization. Our team will evaluate the scope of improvement and deliver maximum value.

Evaluating supplier performance

The essential benefit of supplier management is evaluation. You need to understand how your suppliers are performing, as the performance of your business is dependent on them.

Building development programs to support suppliers

1IGS experts will evaluate the supplier networks, identify areas for improvement and design a development program that will support suppliers, especially the one that takes care of long-term requirement and assist in improving overall performance.

Leveraging supplier relationship management

It is extremely beneficial to build relationships with your supplier. Our team plays a key role in collaborating with your supplier and involving them in every step in deciding how to achieve targets. We build trust and long-lasting relationship that will be leveraged for your benefit in the future.

Assessing and mitigating supplier risk


1IGS’s team of experts efficiently identify and mitigate critical supplier risk challenges faced by your organization. We assess the impact in supply chain and devise appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Capabilities to power your supplier management transformation

1IGS procurement brings together a team of supply chain analysts, logistics and management experts to envision and scale new ideas with your team. The resulting open strategy includes all the technology needed to enable organizations to have increased transparency into the number and type of engaged suppliers and how they are performing. This helps to identify areas of improvement and informs design strategies that improves performance.

Use cases

Building a supplier management process

Now that we have identified the need and benefits of supplier management, it is necessary to establish a supplier management process.

Long-term relationships between your organization and its suppliers

Supplier relationship management is important for any enterprise, as it helps build a rapport between all parties. In addition, it helps minimize financial, business and compliance risks.

Increase operational scale

1IGS experts will assist your teams in building a scalable strategy that results in the increasing need for local, as well as global, suppliers.

Use cases

Improved supplier management strategies

1IGS’s team of experts assist your teams in eliminating the growing risks associated to the supply chain. Having our experts on your side helps reduce the risk of performance failure associated with suppliers being poorly managed and evaluated.

Managing supplier data

We streamline crucial supplier data and provide meaningful insight for improving you supplier management

Competitive advantage

Leveraging our local and global network, we find the best supplier for the best job and identify all risk improvement aspect processes. This provides you with an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Matching industrial standards

Our team of experts are available 24-hours a day and they will assist you in creating a performance-driven supplier management strategy that enables your organization to achieve best-in-class results.

Global supplier ratings

Our multicultural team are experienced in dealing with suppliers across the globe. This makes us uniquely suited to assist you in navigating the difficult supply chain disruptions and prepare for swift switching to and from suppliers, efficiently and effectively.

Let’s create KPIs that measure supplier performance

While managing supplier lifecycles, it is important to have KPIs, which enable supplier performance measurement to evaluate the value-creation and identify problem areas. 1IGS’s procurement on “Best Practices for KPI Creation” for supplier management has identified the objective and subjective KPIs and scorecards that can help you measure and assist in managing suppliers.


Why do we need supplier management?

When it comes to establishing why businesses necessitate supplier management, there are two main pillars we need to recognize:

-To evaluate if the suppliers are performing as per the organizational requirements.

-To identify areas of improvement while engaging with suppliers throughout their lifecycle.


Raise team expertise

It is essential to identify areas for potential improvement and growth inside the procurement team and devise a plan of increasing individual competencies. This can be done by setting up an in-house training program, financing courses and creating a positive environment that will encourage people to share their knowledge and assist each other.


Formulate your business requirements today with 1IGS procurement

Procurement is not just about cutting costs and looking for the cheapest deal. Our team of experts will design a specific procurement strategy that will drive the business and complement the overall company's strategy by proper and smart asset utilization, mitigating risks, ensuring undisrupted supply and contributing to overall revenue growth.


SRM strategy creation through 1IGS SRM

Helps supplier build a Rich profile with its AI-powered profile builder, and data enrichment for integrity in supplier data and diverse data information. This helps achieve a performance matrix with historic performance, thereby helping purchasing teams make smart decisions.



Integrated RFx to streamline full Rfx processes and allows users to track historic quote data.

Ensures sustainability and compliance is always current throughout the active contract and maintain the certificate and insurance renewal process.

Automate supplier approval and onboarding process globally.