While demand fluctuates, commodity prices drop and increased government regulations affect revenue, but overhead and operational expenses remain constant. Keeping these costs as low and predictable as possible can help mining operations remain profitable and better plan for future market disturbances.

Mining technology solutions that help you adapt

1IGS offers strategic sourcing solutions and subject matter expertise to help reduce costs associated, as well as increase supply chains value and improve operational efficiency, natural resources, where regulation compliance and product quality are top priorities, increasing value without compromising service levels is crucial. The lowest cost option is not always the best choice.

1IGS’s strategic sourcing consultants have decades of experience meeting specific requirements, like country of origin, certifications and material quality when sourcing products, regardless of their category, their uniqueness or the condition of their individual market. Our team will help analyze current spend with a detailed spend analysis, benchmark or market assessment to identify practical and beneficial savings opportunities.

In addition to reducing costs, our strategic sourcing initiatives will increase service levels and develop long-term supplier relationships

A healthy relationship with suppliers is crucial since innovation is a key factor when working at the partner level.

1IGS will secure exclusive rights to suppliers’ improved technology and practices.

Product Offerings solutions

Large Mining Trucks ensure delivery


To move materials around a mine site, workers need heavy-duty trucks. Also known as off-highway trucks, large mining trucks include powerful mechanical models and environmentally friendly electric drive models.

Digging equipment optimize inventory


Used for removing rock and dirt, also known as overburden, and scooping material into a loader to open a surface mine, solutions for transporting mined materials is a service we offer.

Large Dozers minimize downtime


large mining dozers move materials easily around a mining site. Plus, the choice of truck with wheels or track increases the type of surface these dozers can operate on.

Rotary drill and rock drills enhance procurement

Rotary drills (r1IGS) create holes through rock or soil, allowing placement of charges for blasting open mines. A rotary drill rig is one of two main types of drills used for mining.

Motor Graders Innovation in play

Mines rarely have ready access to roads. Even those near major roadways still need roads built within the area for moving material and hauling out mined goods. Motor graders are used for surface operations around mines to create and maintain these roads.

Product Offerings solutions

Tractor Scrapers

Large Wheel Loaders

For picking up and quickly moving material across a mining site for loading into trucks, nothing matches the versatility of large wheel loaders. Sizes vary from compact to large.

Draglines Wheel

Draglines Wheel

Draglines are large excavators with a bucket supported by ropes and wires at the end of a boom. Lowering the bucket and scraping it along the ground collects overburdens the ore-mined material. Swinging the bucket at the end of the dragline repositions it to dump its content into specified location.

Tractor Scrapers

Tractor Scrapers

Wheel tractor scrapers have a design similar to motor graders. However, the scrapers typically have an attached bin that collects the material removed from the ground’s surface rather than pushing it to the side as a grader does.

Hydraulic Mining Shovels

Hydraulic Mining Shovels

Sometimes called excavators, mining shovels used today grew out of the original steam shovel design used in years past. The models used now often employ hydraulics for moving the shovel to power through tough materials

Electric Rope Shovels

Electric Rope Shovels

Instead of using hydraulics to control the movement of the shovel at the end of the arm, electric rope shovels use a series of pulleys and ropes. Unlike hydraulic shovels, these models use electric operation, allowing for highly efficient performance over time

How We Guide the procurement journey

Become a sustainable miner

Explore new possibilities with 1IGS

Unlock your full potential with innovation


We Have the Solutions

We know the right processes and systems to put in place to manage large and complex projects and programs in their entirety. We have the capability to improve, analyze, assess and recommend on how the procurement function can move to the next stage of maturity.

Technology Acquisition

Developing technology requirements to build and acquire fit for purpose solutions leveraging industry leading solutions.

Operational Design

Corporate strategies can be built around the balance of skill and scale of procurement

Project Management

Our team delivers Balancing resources, tools and people through a well- managed scope and schedule.

Change Management

With operational transformation lead management skills, we enable organization throughout the change journey. We help transform the finance function through the adoption of digital tools.


Once the ideal strategy is determined and presented, 1IGS’s strategic sourcing team will assist with successfully implementation.



1IGS has decades of experience developing strategic sourcing solutions and has expertise in sourcing a variety of categories critical to mining.

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