Capitalize on sourcing opportunities with one platform. Manage, prioritize and reduce bottlenecks proactively in real-time while keeping projects on track with automatic notifications that expose savings opportunities.


Invest in the future of your business

Prioritize high-impact projects using powerful insights. Determine the profitability of planned projects before investing resources, and let our team bring together siloed processes to gain visibility into your sourcing projects and investments metrics with optimized category planning and future investments.

1IGS team of experts will assist you in magnifying the impact of your day-to-day sourcing operations and benchmark performance against saving goals while tracking progress.

Why 1IGS Procurement?


Tighten compliance and curb rogue spend. Align sourcing and finance by mapping actual spend and savings to profitability goals.


Collaborate in real-time to shorten project cycles across one platform and engage directly with stakeholders, suppliers, finance and legal in real time.


Expedite time to value by streamlining project workflows. Automate busywork and easily manage upstream sourcing requests, data and contracts.

Best in class support with 1IGS

Our enterprise procurement teams use our world-class methods, analytics and execution capabilities to support sourcing managers so they can focus on negotiating better deals, collaborate with key stakeholders and managing their network and supplier relationships. 1IGS offers tailored strategies configured to meet the specific requirements of each project, business or team. We dig deep into spend analysis, sourcing execution support, on-demand market intelligence, RFx and auction services, contracting support, supplier performance management and ongoing savings tracking and reporting.



We provide the easiest way to submit sourcing requests. 1IGS combines transparency and automation to simplify sourcing requests, reduce bottlenecks and strengthen stakeholder collaboration.

Want to increase stakeholder adoption by 5X? Let us show you how. Simplify sourcing requests across the enterprise and facilitate the project request process with a single source of truth. Centralize essential requests and data in one accessible platform for all business users.

Forecast and strategize by tapping into impactful trends

Report on project milestones and savings goals to inform business plans.

Learn how 1IGS transformed sourcing with more collaboration, clearer forecasting and lower costs.

Support services from 1IGS are designed to keep business procurement teams firing on all cylinders, enabling your group to meet its targets, expand its reach and keep pace with rising expectations.


Chat with an IGS expert in a 30-minute strategy session at no cost

Nearly every industry is experiencing procurement disruption with rapid changes in customer behavior and needs. Enterprises should embrace the need to prepare employees for transformation by implementing a talent support structure that will eliminate manual requests, automate progress and scale workforce strategies to help employees prepare for the future and direct projects in the right direction.


Import and export


1IGS’s team of experts will mitigate all risk involved and procure the product from the manufacturer. We have solutions for clear import and export customs and deliver to your doorstep. This process completed completely in-house without external middlemen.

Experience and capable support teams


By working with 1IGS, your team also gains access to our unrivaled network and experience that we’ve built over the last two decades. In addition, we have created and integrated a model with the best business practices and innovation.

Business process specialization


1IGS’s team of experts specialize in various business processes, like inventory management, warehousing, storage, handling quality control, prepping, packaging and distribution. Let us make your supply chain run smoothly.

1IGS will assist your business by:

Identifying and selecting suppliers. Analyzing the capability of suppliers. Carrying out supplier audits. Negotiations contracts with the suppliers. Supplier relationship management. Carrying out quality control checks and inspections. Handling logistics and transportation. Supply chain management. Freight forwarding and custom clearance.


Supplier performance

Maximize ongoing supplier impact and innovation. 1IGS provides one centralized view into the supply base, making it easier to monitor performance, collaborate on quarterly business reviews and maximize innovation.

SEE HOW IT WORKS: Identify strategic suppliers with one click. Rely on one platform for complete visibility into the supply base. Access comprehensive supplier information with ease (and without capacity limitation).



Outsmart renewals with collaborative contract management. 1IGS makes it easy to proactively manage contracts. Gain full visibility into contract milestones, e-signatures, approvals and obligations.


Turn auto-renewal issues into savings opportunities. Capitalize on milestones as potential for re-negotiation. Make real-time collaborative decisions to renew, source or cancel with automatic alerts.


Expert assistance

Choose 1IGS today as your sourcing partner. You will benefit greatly from expert assistance with your business processes from start to finish and we ensure that they are just right for your operations. Whether it is logistics, shipment or any other aspect of business, you will be covered with the help of expert knowledge from a sourcing company. Such expert assistance is crucial in minimizing delays and lowering the risk of complications in carrying out the project.