1IGS does more than ticking the boxes, we make the difference and invest our expertise in your business and our planet. It is our responsibility to create sustainable outcomes that drive value and growth, whilst strengthening our environment and communities. Sustainability defines 1IGS. Let 1IGS assist you put your sustainability goals into action, with solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Finding the right partner to help you build a strategic roadmap that will enable your business to be more responsible and profitable.

Take action

Transforming inside from outside


Discover comprehensive business solutions that adapt to the constant global changes.

We measure transparency


Creating results driven strategies today for a more transparent future.

Sustainable procurement


Our team of experts are responsible, sustainable, diversified and Compliant.

Defining the future

Define a united front against disruptions


Set, act, and execute on clear environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals with exceptional data discipline across your enterprise.

Establish a business that can do more


Establish your ESG data foundation and a clear baseline with a single system of record. Our team of experts are very dedicated and ready to put in the work with your environmentalists, sociologists, economists, strategists, and all stake.



Leverage the links between your ESG data and operational systems to enable actions based on insights. Discover how our tailored made designed strategies will help you meet growing business demands, turn theory into action and streamline insights.

Defining the future


Doing well to do good is embedded in our DNA, we are passionate about what we do and serving you with respect, courtesy, and empathy Is what we do best.

One Source

An integrated one stop shop designed specific to suit our customer’s needs. Call us today and our team will take care of The rest. Even on rainy days or Holidays, we are there for you.


Engineered supply chain that evolves constantly with flexibility options on designs and styles.

Strategy led plan of action

Our team of experts create more Reduce employee attrition and than good visions, we create a associated reduced recruitment tangible, practical strategy that and retentions cost, we create delivers real results.