We have a vision of something greater. A full understanding the ongoing global logistics and supply chain difficulties. We believed that the opportunity for us to provide solutions to customers’ challenges expand ‘s well beyond military equipment.


A new approach To effective and Efficient procurement

1IGS takes a different Approach to tackling the Complexity involved in the movement of products around the globe. Rather than optimize or accelerate procurement networks, 1IGS eliminates all the middlemen involved in the chai. Leveraging 1IGS Procurement Overview: 1 Stop shop service our own transportation assets to maximize quality delivery of service.

1IGS takes a different approach by talking to customers and striving to truly understand their mission challenges, we have become committed to a singular belief.

1IGS Procurement Overview: 1 Stop shop service

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We are confident that our tailored made and personalized solutions would significantly Boost your bottom line. 1IGS will not only save you time and money but give you an Unbeatable predictive forecasting, easy decision tree, quality products and more.

We understand people on theground & walked in their shoes


Sourcing Expert

Our team has over 2 decades of experience In negotiations, preparation,actioning and implementation.Superior product selection

Pricing Power Capabilities


Integrated procurement strategy

Use our network and that of our partners to accelerate and improve operations or finding the optimal vendor for your needs.


Synchronizes operations and teams

Our all-in commitment to our customers means constructively questioning behaviors and activities that run counter to our mission and values. We are committed to keeping our eye on the goal and following through.


Market analysis - What, When & Where

Digging beneath the obvious is the key to our success. We aren't afraid to go beyond expectations to uncover the real problems so that we can provide the best solution.


Efficient customer service

We believe in displaying an infectiously energizing spirit, approaching challenges and change with positivity, and being a battery charger for those around us.


Constant research of best practices

The 1IGS Team is known for challenging the status quo and identifying new ways to solve problems. This applies to both customer's problems and getting work done.

Our procurement and Sourcing negotiation Experience



Our legendary customer is customer service is a big part of what sets 1IGS apart from the competition. We believe in being the change by better serving the industry needs. Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations

Delivery on time

Our team has been responsible for negotiations with 1000+ suppliers regarding purchase prices, promotions, commercial-, legal-, financial and logistical conditions. Creating long term strategy: conducting yearly annual procurement Plan

Explore Opportunity Assessment

Our team members have been responsible for: Overall conduction of Procurement & Sourcing strategy for global market, including the implementation of a program with strategic pillars as innovation (e.g., new procurement tactics)

Results driven

We believe that better deal results are driven by three very important variables: empathic negotiation design, negotiation preparation, and negotiation tactics.

Sync negotiation

Whether you’re experienced or new to the field of negotiations, you will need to understand the other party to achieve better results. Empathic negotiation design requires that you can listen to fully understand the other party’s point of view: make it your business to learn all that you can about the other party!

Key Capabilities