Transforming your supply chain diagnostic to be agile, rigorous, sustainable, and secure best in class strategies that produce actionable insights


The best supply chain transformation begins transformation

projects by first gaining a true understanding of where you are and where you want to be. But to know that you need in-depth and accurate supply chain diagnostics ― comprehensive, objective, quantitative and actionable ― allowing a thorough evaluation of the performance of your existing supply chain.

We Play to Our passion & strengths

Our supply chain is unique, engineered to accommodate any unforeseen challenges, risks or competition and our team of experts

use a structured analytical approach and a suite of diagnostic tools to generate rapid results. The benefits of supply chain diagnostics with 1IGS include, but certainly aren’t limited to, cost reduction; improved customer service; better asset utilization; more accurate forecasting; and proactive identification of potential supply chain risks.

1IGS approach


Infrastructure design and management

Leverage our assets to achieve sustainable goals through direct operational impact and performance. Our team of experts do the ABC calculations to understand everything from start to finish including present and future risk involved.

Process acceleration

It is our responsibility to design and implement the right performance indicator points and immediately identify irregularities and determine the right process.

Supply chain tools design for success and change

The 1IGS team understand all ins and outs supply chain day to day operations, we will assist all stakeholers compile and prioritize requirements, objectives and synchronize our team to achieve an agile and successful corporate and business strategy.

Rigorous performance solutions that drives volumes, growth rates, supply chain costs, service levels, fill rates, infrastructure, tools and technology.

Build and innovative lean Inventory operation


Innovation at its finest, our team of experts have over 2 decades of experience in applying the best industry insight techniques of the best global supply chain and management strategies.

Prioritized Stock management and logistics


1 stop solution all-round the year our team provides you with detailed information on arrival, obsolescence’s, turnover, availability, variety of product, delivery network, lead time and demand forecast to avoid stockouts

Integrated supply chain supply chain model


Out team of experts conduct a deep analysis of all the different processes that affect your in and outs of your warehouse. We pay attention to detail and follow the routes our selves to uncover any hidden risk affecting storage, procurement, picking and delivery

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