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it’s time to move beyond transformation and let 1IGS intelligent team of experts make work less in helping you meet your needs. We’re introducing a new equation that will ensure innovative relationship building enhancement:

Discover how to use automated infrastructure to protect your Mist valued asset, your customer, salesforce, business perspective, and geared for experienced innovation to bring customers closer with every click.

1IGS solutions will assist you solve you most pressing challenges and further increase the capabilities of your existing market segment. Our team of experts will assist You reduce time and cost, boost Productivity and allow you to Focus on what matters most.

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Why 1IGS Group

Local and global network

We have created a 1 one stop integrated model that connects all our network partners in one workspace and we are present in more than 9 countries across the globe.

Operational agility and speed to value

Optimize performance and drive value across your enterprise with low-cost computing and data storage that constantly connect and keeps the systems running.

Predictive and advanced analytics

A combination of tailored made specific models, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with multiple third-party data process to predict most likely outcomes for cost, price, demand, supplier, risks and proactivity.

Why 1IGS Group

Decision making

Optimize your decision-making process with strategic sourcing that is more predictive, transactional, automated, and supplier relationship managed.

Improved decision making, efficiency and speed to value

Optimize operations across your value chain with digital procurement solutions that drive more complexed analysis, better supplier strategies, and more efficient operations.

Agility focused around short, iterative prints and effective on project delivery

Our team of experts consider all maturing and emerging technological trends and resources. We design a specific strategy that will enable you start small, act fast and maintain a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Tailored strategies that, bring it all together

1IGS assist its customers solutions that allow many more physical and digital inputs to be connected, driving better decision making and improving efficiency, and ultimately producing results across the entire chain.


Intelligent transformation that improved insights and strategy, leading to accelerated cost leadership, enhanced process excellence, leading to greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness for better assurance of supply and improved risk mitigation. Enable you to drive insights that increase efficiency, extend asset life cycles, reduce downtime and cost – all while building resiliency and sustainability.

Advanced analytics models that drive revenue and value

Our team of experts use large volumes of manufacturing and procurement data to generate cost- takeout and design improvement insights through visualization technology.

Predictive supply chain roll out models

Expertise in action, we leverage our network and experience to assist you with state-of-the-art calculations that total landed cost differences across products, country viability, country risk, and future forecasts by category and country.

Cyber tracking

Our integrated model give you full access and collaboration to our network capabilities which access real time, relevant data across systems and physical events of supply chain to information and action to assist control, measure, and quickly respond to supply and demand.

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Start small, imagine, explore “the Art of the possible “act fast deliver “prioritize and create rapid impact”, run measure performance and increase scope, think big and achieve.