Get the buying power for land, sea and air fleet and save up to 20% on parts.


Why 1IGS Fleet Procurement?

Designed by the world’s leading procurement experts, 1IGS empowers organizations and enterprises to leverage the buying power for all your fleet procurement needs. The impact on your bottom line is immediate.

From land to sea to air to parts, lubricants and supplies, we offer the best quality products for the best price with more than 200 of the industry’s leading suppliers. We enable you to save more than 25%, on average, through effortless and intelligent buying.

Extreme availability

Irrespective of your locations anywhere in the world, onshore or offshore, 1IGS has continuous availability and failure is not an option. Our duty is to help you optimize your procurement strategy and our team delivers.

Tailored to suit individual needs

Supply chain is at our core. Our team keeps you up to date with current products, technologies, pricing, payment options and supply chain challenges. We conduct a tailormade SWOT analyses specific to your needs, budget and we design a strategy to boost your bottom line.

Effortless scalability

1IGS synchronizes its operations and teams with you. Our mission is to scale up and out as your workloads evolve and your performance needs change. We grow together.

Intelligent automation

1IGS diagnoses the sophistication of your purchasing service efforts and sets achievable goals for spend, while also setting achievable savings target needs for visibility into your spending. We identify critical categories that will give you the highest ROI and keep your business running without interruption

Ground Transportation

Learn how we can support you with all your ground transportation procurement needs.

Buses, trucks, tractors, cranes, train we have the right strategy

Passenger airplanes, helicopter or cargo, we have the right network that will impact your procurement management strategy and save you time and money.

Personnel Transportation

Automobiles are a dominant mode of transportation. Let your procurement team receive the care and deep technical expertise it deserves

Join the more than 1,000 customers That save with 1IGS’s fleet GPO

What can 1IGS do for you?

Quick contracting solutions

No matter the volume or complexity of your project, 1IGS accelerates the speed of business with instant contracts and the portfolio management solutions that speak to how businesses operate today. Quality solutions are designed for growth.

Real time spend optimization

Do more than just procure for you organization. Optimize spend across all contracts and improve ROI. Our one-stop-shop model eliminates the hassle of dealing with various providers to enable you to build a plan to save.

Establishing win-win business process

1IGS dedicated team of expert’s possess more than 20 years’ experience driving complexed sourcing operations, let us step in to manage these services, or train teams to better manage your contracts and supply chain to increase savings.

Short & long-term leasing

Improve your fleet management and optimize performance with 1IGS fleet leasing. When leasing, it is important to determine whether units are capital or operating leases. 1IGS’s strategic sourcing will leverage your total fleet spends.

Sourcing options

Specification managed service

Take advantage of on-demand scaling, continuous design and efficiency options that will serve your specific purposes. Be very clear on “must haves” vs. “nice to haves” and consider specs, the lifetime of a unit, maintenance and replacement costs.

Managed Part sourcing

Deploy strategic part sourcing services with significant changes to your end users, mechanics and clerks. Providing a robust set of data and requirement to suppliers will support productive negotiations

Maintenance providers

Good service provider relationships are based are based on good communication and visibility of your needs location, capacity, and service are just a few benefits we offer


Optimize performance

27 X

faster sourcing and 35 percent faster delivery

Faster Insights


faster reporting for industrial. changes and technology

Cut costs

10 digit

faster purchasing cost, faster maintenance costs, faster driver compliance, 3000+ members, 200 supplier programs, 1Billion members spend, 20+ years serving the needs of top fleet.

Use cases

Mission critical solutions

1IGS invent procurement and supply chain strategies that run the world. Give your mission critical workloads the availability, scalability, security, and support they deserve.

Real time analytics strategy

Realize endless and fast support on current trends. Empower real-time decisions. Make and build insanely fast and reliable cost-effective procurement strategies

Anywhere, anytime deployment


You need a procurement partner you can trust. We are a unified and integrated enterprise that supports your operations anytime, anywhere in the world.


1IGS transforms customer Experience

Supply chain strategy improves customer experience

An integrated international logistics & supply chain

Supply chain Consulting

Network optimization boost customer satisfaction

Use cases

Land Transportation Scale

From understanding market trends, to identifying the normal cadence of your project lifecycle, the more knowledge you have, the more you can understand how to take full advantage of your opportunities for savings.

Sea Fleet governance

Efficient and effective sea fleet procurement and governance, security and compliance with comprehensive GMDS sea control.

Air Fleet simplified

Plan smart, buy smart, fly smart and safe. 1IGS provides a variety of aircraft that meet the needs of our clients’ missions. We are a licensed air procurer offering innovative and cost-effective procurement solutions to airline and organizations alike.

We professionally manage a diverse fleet of high-performance piston, turboprop and jet airplanes.

Our clients

Baker Hughes


Exxon Mobile




Nobel Energy




Product variety

1IGS customers can choose the type of aircraft and private air transportation

Our solutions best satisfy your business or leisure travel goals. With convenient fleet access, clients find our programs to be a superior and cost effective.


Talk to a procurement expert

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