Drive growth through procure to pay transformation

Learn about the importance of business process transformation and eradication of long purchase circles that disrupt payments and poor cash flow


Realize your full potential with revitalized P2P process

1IGS procure to pay products and services are engineered to deliver agile and breakthrough improvements in day to day, year to year saving, empower organizational procurement to do more with their time, money and improve operational cost and bottom line immediately.

Our team of expert’s design end to end procure to pay processes that assist you drive greater efficiency across all your business procurement processes.

Benefits of 1IGS procure To pay services

Point to point order fulfillment and payment


Delays in payments can bring disruptions in business activities and in worst case sometimes lead to bankruptcy. Our team of experts leverage cutting edge processing capabilities to deliver state of the art programs, optimization, deliver value and saving.

Streamlined and agile procure to pay strategies


1IGS supply chain experts create strategies that assist your business cut down cycle, reduce paperwork, increase spend, boost compliance and improve overall procurement capacity. Our team will save you time and money.

Tailored account payable solutions


We understand the present, past and future procurement payment issues faced by every organization. Our team will design a tactical, agile, transactional focused solution that will optimize working capital, enable growth, build customer experience, savings and supplier partnership.

Financial services resources

Experience, expertise, Logistics and supply chain Capability

Strategic cost reduction for speed, agility, and resilience intelligent spend analysis strategies designed by highly talented results focused expert with extensive industry capabilities. Our group of analyst have invested over 2 decades of their time around the globe creating cutting edge spend strategies that deliver success for the world’s most successful organizations

Thorough, detailed spend analysis

Our deep knowledge of day to day field procurement and supply chain operations management expertise allows us to offer strong and thorough tested comprehensive solutions that delivers effective and impressive execution of strategic procure to pay plans.

What 1IGS’s procure to pay outsourcing can do for your organization

1IGS team of experts will create an aggregated, normalized and agile spend data strategy. Our team will bring your spend under control , improve compliance, offer variety selection, boost cost savings, And reduce sourcing cycles delivery times.

Explore sourcing Success requires experience, hard work and commitment

Understanding Spend Taxonomy

To us it’s not about money, we are passionate about what we do Invest time to ensure your teams are well vested with spend taxonomy classifications that will generate growth and build a solid brand

Spend analysis outsourcing

1IGS is different from anyone, our team of experts assist you through the entire procure to pay process. Our best in class strategies generate value, visibility and enables new input for your procurement.

Tail spend management services with quality and delivery of service

Our team of experts invest time in ascertaining sources that will increment your savings. No stone is left untuned and we dig deeper into untapped territories to find a best-in-class tail spend solution specific for your needs.

Why partner with 1IGS

An innovative and results driven independent Family business with comprehensive set of Unmatched procurement solutions.

Focus on your core business and let us Offer you with a 1 stop shop services designed to rapidly deliver sustainable positive cash flow.


Procure to pay solutions designed by the worlds’ best

Cleansing and classification of data from a variety of source systems using our state-of-the-art spend analysis tool to identify the true tail spend.

Energize your procure to pay operations with sourcing strategies that will take your organization in the future


Our team of experts guarantee accelerated Procure to pay cost reductions

1IGS will execute a specific strategy that includes bringing Procure to pay purchases into the preview of existing contracts and leveraging Our assets and network for effective sourcing. Our supply chain is designed to innovate, search, create, managed, and executed Complexed procurement environments with success results from day one.


What is procure-to-pay

As its name implies, a procure-to-pay system is a fully integrated solution designed to support an end-to-end process that begins with goods and services requisitioning and ends with ready-to-pay files for upload into an accounts payable system.

1IGS procure-to-pay solutions use a scan to capture service, supplier portal and/or a multi enterprise network to enable suppliers to submit invoices electronically.