1IGS procurement teams have a powerful strategy than can help assess several factors in your manufacturing chain: identity, foreseeable and unforeseen supply chain disruptions, labor shortage, safety, emerging technologies, inventory & project management, consumer changes, go to market, when to scale, globalization, revenue and sales increase, maintenance, overheads and automation.

Unleash the power of procurement

Manufacturing Procurement

Our roots are in supply chain

Challenge accepted

We practice lean manufacturing techniques



Easy to navigate

Always striving to do more from optimizing productions lines to designing state of the art roll outs.


Integrated with workspace

Complete visibility for maximum efficiency in the entire chain Our vendor workspace is designed to suit your needs.


Procurement capabilities

Enabling Innovators, creators, and manufacturers to have direct insight to industry pricing and ongoing technology trends We build quality each step, every time.


Our Team

Manufacturing isn’t easy – that’s why our expert team focuses on end to end tailored made strategies with multiple options for capabilities based on your needs.


Scalability & Flexibility

We are the fastest growing logistics and supply chain organization with unmatched network and connectivity.

Experience and Training

Decades of combined procurement experience from oil & gas to manufacturing space.

Process Development

From developing to optimizing processes 1IGS improves your quality and reliability

Technology Transfer

Bridging skills, technologies and procurement methods between facilities to execute seamless transfers.

Balancing capacity

Demand forecasts require rigorous planning and operational flexibility. 1IGS handles all your requirements – from the routine to complexed.

Global network

Our adaptability and flexibility


Combination of leadership and experience of our team in world class facilities, around the global enable us to effectively meet your needs with urgency, resilient, and nimble.

Product Configuration

From incremental to break-through, 1IGS and its partners possess extensive experience, having procured hundreds of products in the industry.

Shipping & Storage


Maximize your on site facilities with our lean techniques towards & Development. Free up high value space

We Support your Team at any Product Stage


Variety of Vendors

Long-term partnerships with many vendors around the globe will give you confidence the standards you established are met and mitigate all risk. Let us help you


1 Stop Shop

Our solution is customizable, scalable, and regulatory integratable with full solutions from start to finish.


Your Goals

We align your target goals with all your requirements, paying attention to detail and provide a clear roadmap.

Pricing Power Capabilities


Stability and sustainability

Dedicated effort across long time periods, often ties up resources for years. Partner with 1IGS and we will give you expertise and capabilities you need,