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Covid19 Management

Creating a safer workplace with Safe Space

Is it safe? That’s the question countless employees around the world have asked since 2019 before they enter their workplace. Safe Space, a new product from 1IGS, aims to help employees reconnect with their work environment by ensuring a hygienic, safe place to work.

Disinfection teams

Our rapid response manpower personnel will deploy to disinfect outbreak sites, as required, building on 1IGS’s experience from oil and gas and airports affected by previous outbreaks like SARS, Ebola etc.

Productive remote work that meets supply and demandd

Our team are workplace-savvy experts who offer the best day-to-day practices for working from home, as well as offering on-demand services for remote working teams. We cover areas such as well-being, collaboration, product delivery, escapism and all related logistics and supply chain activities.

Manage and grow your distribution chain

The connection between people and places has been disrupted in unprecedented ways. Our team of experts worked every day and night to enable a safe and stable environment to keep business moving forward.

Sterling case studies

1IGS believes that the world must come together, and our team of experts have enough on hands experience to handle all the demand and supply related to covid19 pandemic.

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Emergency support


Build customer experience

Building a tactical workflow to new, safer ways of working

Planning and implementation of workplace strategies that help ensure people and places remain safe and productive

Flexible options

The latest disinfection technology

Our team of experts equip your organization with the latest in cleaning technology equipment with effective ways to disinfect and purify places. We use ultraviolet robotics, air purifiers, steam and other solutions to keep people and businesses safe.

What we do

Hygiene stewards

Our team of experts are dedicated in providing you with the best on-premises cleaning specialists and we raise awareness of hygiene to strengthen your health and safety culture. We focus on the cleanliness of high-touch areas to keep your people safe.

Material and labor availability

During the outbreak, our teams worked 24 hours per day to get medical ventilators and PPE to various countries across the globe. When it’s time to reopen your places, we’re here to support you.

Reopen places safely and welcome your people

From real estate strategies and hygiene and disinfection solutions, to rethinking and transforming your workplace to meet evolving needs and expectations, we’re here to help make your workplace safer

Reopen and future proof

Your people and places

When it’s time to reopen your workplaces, we can help you ensure safety, reinstate confidence and rethink the future. From making sure your places are safe and hygienic to fostering collaboration, innovation and community, our solutions support you in creating the workplace of the future.

Manpower personnel outsourcing

Our team of experts will ensure your employees’ health and productivity is a top priority in a changing workplace. We do this with contract tracing, masking, detection boots and facility management.

Resilience and adaption

Adapt resilience-based models of conducting business, working and living in times of change and uncertainty

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COVID-19 design challenge

Lets create

Several designers nearly 225 from near about 33 countries came together to face the urgent challenges and solve them.