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Why 1IGS Procurement

We’re building future of global procurement together

1IGS Titanian team of global experts will assist you build and maintain a resilient supply chain in any complexed global environment, with operations spreader across continents.

Each community is different, we develop and adopt robust logistics and supply chain roll out strategies that are agile, flexible, and modernized enough to respond to rapid changes and challenges.

Our model is globalized, well aligned and can support and drive any business in the most challenging environments.

Our Partners

1IGS’s supply chain consulting strategy services assist organizations all over the world

We are committed to driving a truly global economy. Our team of professionals synchronize their expertise with that of your team to enable them to deliver supply chain processes and operating models that are tailormade to suit your business needs. We design, develop and implement strategies that create resilient supply chains and deliver business results. With our strategic partners, we aim to build integrated international supply chain networks, develop workforces and accelerate change.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for a Digital Economy?

Conventional supply chain operations and processes cannot meet the complexed requirements of today’s digital-first economy. A digital supply chain can help your business unlock greater opportunities and value while creating a strategic competitive advantage. 1IGS can help you transform your supply chain into an intelligent, digital supply network that can rapidly respond to your business needs.

Why 1IGS Procurement

It’s never been easier to build and integrated and scalable supply chain network

We build supply chain networks that connect the globe. Our sustainable strategies connect people, processes, technology and assets. Our solutions allow for seamless processes, which meet and exceed customer expectations in their effort to win in the marketplace.

Our tailormade models assimilate your business goals and then work with you to develop supply chain strategies that drive superior competitive advantage, value and performance with a seamless workflow.

Strategic partners

Premium strategic designs that stand the test of time

At 1IGS, our people go the extra mile to ensure that successful supply chain strategies are defined and individually created so they are scalable, sustainable and global. Our team of experts will assist you in developing and executing a strategy from foundation to implementation, delivering a competitive advantage year after year

Agile supply chain strategic plan

The world and global economy are changing every day and supply chains can’t operate the way they have been. More and more organizations want to build agile, digital networks that will generate growth and increase revenue irrespective of the direction changes take. These disruptions are constant, and one really can’t tell what will happen next. This is exactly why you need 1IGS on your side. Our team of visionary experts will reimagine, build and operate a network that orchestrates change, simplifies processes and creates a positive impact in business, society and the globe

Our strategy is to build a premium and resilient supply chain network

We are committed to fostering a truly global supply chain economy. Our iconic 1IGS supply chain management workspace is already in strategic partner locations in Africa. In the new global reality, organizations require supply chain networks that are integrated, innovative, minimize day to day risk, absorb and adapt to any unforeseen circumstances, and recover whenever and wherever disruptions occur.

Proactively manage risks

Our talented team of supply chain experts will create a network that anticipates and eliminates risk before it even occurs. Secure, visible, adaptive, fast moving and optimized to maximum, our company has assisted many organizations in managing the complexities of transforming their supply chains into future-ready networks. The requirements of brands, employees, inventors and customers are constantly evolving, but we can help to generate profitable growth while staying in compliance.

1IGS supply chain strategy delivery

No matter what your business challenges are, 1IGS will assist you in designing and implementing a highly effective logistics and supply chain management strategy that will deliver, saving you time and money. A one-stop-shop that is highly profitable, enhanced, flexible and agile, offering greater resilience, responsiveness and security, our solutions are sustainably engineered to anticipate and adapt to market changes and needs.

Resilient and customer focused strategy

Our team of experts will create end to end transformation networks and assist you organization build future proof ready global networks that deliver on promise to simplify operations and businesses. Creating a supply chain network that can predict demand and deliver tailored made products, and services that drive your entire chain.

Sourcing and procurement

All over the world

An innovative team of experts that reimagine end-to-end procurement to improve profitability and create a more sustainable and resilient supply strategy. Reinvention, design, implementation and innovation is what we do best, and our team of experts are able to find the right work environment, right personnel, right product, right price point of product to the right location every time, on time. Leveraging our sister company 1IGS Logistics, we find the best cost-effective transportation network to deliver the product to you or on your behalf anywhere in the world, onshore or offshore. Our products are fit to print, and quality is our top priority.

Teamwork makes dream work

Together, we will create a bleu printed supply chain strategy that achieves current objectives, sustains success, improve economy, corporate strategy, and technology as well as social, political, and environmental factors. We are global leaders with an unbeatable network advantage with a clear understanding of manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, optimization, management, and implementation of a more efficient, more effective processes.

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