Our team of experts create networking optimization

Our strategy combines inventory analysis and provides real-time product cost estimates, service delivery and a carbon footprint that is customized to suit your business requirements and budget. Let us help you stimulate current network flows and optimize desired parameters.

Meet the teams


More than two decades of design experience.

Our team is comprised of experts with advanced degrees and experience deploying new supply chain rollouts for many different problems and industries


Find structure in any data

Usually, the data required or needed isn’t analysis-ready from the start. Our experienced supply chain experts quickly process all datasets and deliver completed projects faster.


Creative solutions to complex problems

1IGS experts use modern data science and supply chain tools that create predictive designs, classifications, segmentation and network. We have a natural talent for powerful yet easier optimization processes.

Mode optimization

We synchronize our expertise, logistics and supply chain network with that of your team and offer a detailed, hands-on review of your manufacturing, distribution and contract manufacturing footprint using the 1IGS “Transformative” framework. This gives you an unbeatable competitive advantage


1IGS’s supply chain network strategy & optimization solutions

Will help you enhance order-to-delivery service levels by optimizing the entire manufacturing and distribution network. Leveraging our sister companies, 1IGS Logistics, 1IGS Manpower and 1IGS Travel, using our proprietary solutions, we help you achieve structural efficiencies and align the right node to the right market. We also enable effective footprint optimization by running a variety of scenarios and guiding you through execution.

We synchronize our operations with yours

Our people will support you on time, every time. Be it an emergency installation, military, engineering or manufacturing, we will provide you with specialized materials management, parts and transportation management in remote areas.


Optimized supply chain network

1IGS’s team of supply chain experts seek to find an optimal combination of factories and distribution centers facing disruptions in day-to-day the supply chain activities. Our solution can match your organization’s supply and demand, as well as find the best network configuration with the lowest costs. You’ll experience a result that gives your leadership clear insights on potential network designs and an evaluation of the maximum profitability of each of them.


Why 1IGS is different


We understand, first-hand, the importance of having a network that works properly. Our deep industry experience in global procurement, logistics and supply chain operations management has built us a stronger and better. 1IGS experts go the extra mile for our customers and failure is not an option.

Business constraints


In real life, organizations may have specific requirement that are essential for their day-to-day operations. 1IGS considers supply chain network optimization as the most important constraint. Our team creates realistic forecasting, target and stress test parameters through should cost, step cost, variety, availability and assets.

Master planning


1IGS team of experts create plans with an extended supply chain network optimization technique that will assist you synchronize production, storage, and transport with demand and supply. In short, our specific model will answer how much and where to store, how much and where to produce, a scenario is spilt by periods and for each period is certain demand value.


Business flow and flexibility


Improve your supply chain network before and after optimization for any business. In short, our supply chain model considers all possible flows and facilities. To get the most efficient one, we perform a network optimization experiment through the entire chain, which considers design, optimization and simulation

Data analytics and value


Our team of experts create data output that will reveal values of transportation and production flows, inventory at the end of each time and associated costs. Furthermore, we assess the data on several possible network options, including those with lower costs. We can choose the best fit for you.

Demand constraints


Our team looks at a variety of factors, from stock capacity to production, storage to transportation and environmental to political. We conduct specific detailed SWOT analysis with strict operational rules and deliver a strategy that will reduce risks and offer an optimal chain result.

1IGS Network optimization

Our experts at 1IGS consider different types of costs (transportation, facility-associated, etc.), time periods, and most importantly, constraints. After setting the necessary parameters, we run an experiment with software that optimizes your model with the built-in solvers. The result is an optimal solution – a set of facilities chosen according to available roads, transportation costs, site opening costs, processing costs, etc. What’s more, you can further change or add your optimization model parameters and run experiments back and forth to achieve the best results that comply with all your needs.


Network Optimization Importance

Network performance optimization is important because our interconnected real-time world is fully dependent on the available, secure, and reliable transfer of data. With every year that passes, there are more and more demands that are being placed on networks. There is no denying that we live in a world that is driven by data. The efficient running of a network plays a role in every single aspect of our digital lives. This reason alone shows why network optimization is so critical. After all, there are many different reasons why there are growing strains placed on our networks today.


Local & global network strains

There are more external entities that need access to your networks. An increasing number of people and teams are going remote. More data is collected, aggregated and shared, and this can often happen simultaneously. More software applications are being utilized and there are more cybersecurity threats that are maturing all the time. We are seeing more devices being brought into the work environment. Network optimization is critical for the end-user experience, cutting down business costs and improving employee productivity.


Main benefits of network optimization

Now that we have established why network optimization is so important, we are going to dive a bit further into the benefits that are associated with it. This includes the following:

Optimization enables there to be predictive and analytics modeling so that network managers can figure out the impact any changes to the architecture will have on the network prior to them being implemented. Optimization will track performance metrics, ensuring real-time reporting to help network managers proactively manage the network.

Optimization will enable data to flow freely through the optimal use of the network system resources. All these advantages come together to create the biggest benefit of them all: improved network performance.