Agricultural industry overview

To building lasting relationships, reliable service, and strong commitmentnetwork of farmers and manufacturersproviding quality products from a vast we have and excellent reputation for procurement services across key markets,1IGS provides top notch local and global

-People, product, price, and high-quality deliveryCommitment to service is our number 1 priority.

-Visual Cockpit: Controls the movement and storageof bulk commodities

- Operation: Manage the logistical and financial complexities of waterborne, overland and aircommodity shipments.

We carry out our operations in key marketArea, 1IGS is mobilizing a significant amountof resources through enhanced developmentco-operation to provide adequate and predictable means, programs, and policiesthat will ensure our team is well vested with their supply chain need.

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Agro Staple


Rice-long grain, AromaticWheat-Red, Durum, SoftMaize-White, Yellow

Agro Oil


Palm Oil, Soy Oil Sun Flower Oil, RapeseedOil, Cocoanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil, refineSorghum



Chicken, Goat, Turkey Mutton,Beef Pork,Goat

Experience Worldwide Shipments

Integrated shipping feeds

Boost your business sales andIncrease loyalty through our Intelligence view schedule rin visual format Incorporate seagoing vessel, barge, truck, rail car and manage operational risks. We look across alternative deals, including sourcing alternative, associated transport and plan cost to determine best transaction.

Lets create a model with rea time insight

Advanced Integrated Operations Solution

Agricultural Trading and Logistics

Oversee shipments in real-time,assists you plan, conduct &optimize shipments. Commitment to service is our number 1 priority to ensure delivery on time and to customer specification The quality commitment, integrity and experience of our people will make your Operations reliable in all aspects

Our team is focused on delivering Products safely, respecting the Requirement and technical expertise.

Value added services

Local content

We believe that as a local company, our planning and execution strategy must recognize local content promotion and specifically focus on employing and training nationals to master and develop supply chain operations for the country.Our culture and business ethics are guidedBy our corporate values and commitment To local content compliance. This Commitments are at the heart of everything We do

Build superior customer experiences We believe that, together we can Make real contribution, for our clients Suppliers, business partners Build superior customer experience.


Value Added Products


Agricultural foods

Oranges, Banana, Mango, Milk powder,Diabetic Free Wheat Powder, Organic Rice Organic Wheat, Organic Corn,Refined Wheat, Blended Spice, Cocoa & Coffee From farm to your doorstep.

We act with uncompromisinghonestyAnd take pride in everything we do In order to satisfy and support our client’s success and createexceptional value through innovative productsand service solutions.

Agricultural handling that drives value


Refined Sugar (ICU MSA 45,150,180 -200), Sugar (ICU MSA 300-600,1200,S30, M30, L30,) Coconut Sugar

Our products are always procured from various high-quality suppliers which is a result of continues exploration, vendor etiquette’s, systems, and facts. We pay attention to detail, quality, machinery, financial capability.

Dry fruits products services

Cashey Nuts

Direct Delivery

Full technical support, risk management, branding and cost competitive price offered before and after delivery. Delivering the complete, front-to-back solution for physical agricultural trading. Better measure risk and credit. Complete timely actions concerning price, volume, scheduling, and operations.

Almond, Cashew nuts, Resins, Pistachio, Dried Fig, Pine Nuts

Quality Spices

We all about quality

Ceylon Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Turmeric Cumin Seed, Black Pepper, Bush Pepper White Pepper, Cayern Pepper, Mace Red Chilly, Casia

Product Offerings solutions


Business Intelligence

Simulate impact of market changes to plan Measure impact of plan changes to coverage and budgetDeliver real-time Key PerformanceIndicators that determine best deal structure for sourcing

Integrated Operations

Integrate the demand plan downstream into a holistic sales and operations planning process to enable collaborative planning forecasting with a centralized database

Drive Improved Efficiency

Collaborative sales forecasting triple point planning for demand planning and supply creates highly accurate sales forecast that drive improved efficiency, sales and operations planning.

Product Offerings solutions


Financial Strategy

Creating successful strategies forInstitutional investment programs Rests on a foundation steeped in expertise and sound judgment.We partner with our clients acrossA broad range of plan types to Develop and maintain leading Edge investments programs.


Financial Instruments

The value of cash instrument are directly influenced and determined by the markets. These can be securities that easily transferable. We have acquire the right skills to navigate these markets.


Unbiased Perspective

Partner with 1IGS and take the first critical step with Confidence.Leverage our assets and expertise, partner the right time and add out standing value to you Focused on driving business growth. 1 stop shop


Managing procurement

Corporate consultingFor new set ups.

Modern TradePractices

Trade documentation design and Implementation, Document facilitating

Sales & marketing support

Join partnership engagement programs to boost bottom line


Buying and Invoicing, Guided Buying, Catalogs), Strategic Sourcing


invoice management, payables,Contracts, spend analysis,supplier management and risk mitigation

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