1IGS procurement makes inventory, warehouse and order management so easy you

might just cry tears of joy and relief.


1IGS team of exerts implements a best-in-class operation approach toward all your inventory management. Today’s global, integrated and complexed business operations present challenges, but 1IGS can help to prevent stocks from running out while improving supply efficiency.

Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it’s stocked and how much you need. It’s easier said than done, but that’s where 1IGS adds value.

1IGS Solutions

Procure and manage Inventory

Gain full visibility into every face of your inventory. Stay right sized with accurate forecasting and customized sustainable workflow automations.

Warehouse design and optimization

Always know what is where and in what quantity. Maximize efficiency and minimize turnaround time, cost while boosting customer satisfaction.

Quickly place sales order and quotes

Consolidate order information from across our integrated portal. Sort and filter custom-based labels and control the entire sales process.

Powerful Invoicing and billing experts

Integration at its finest – one portal for simple accounting. With 1IGS, you can bulk apply payments to sales orders, create invoices based on automated workflows and rules and control the entire process of your sales order and invoicing.

Streamlining Lifecyle

Our team of experts at 1IGS will assist you in optimizing and controlling all components of your inventory operations, including cycle stock, safety stock, pipeline and pre-design lean inventory systems that drive effectiveness across the value chains

Inventory integrity

We use best lean inventory management techniques available for your warehouse and implement mobile technology to receive, validate, pick, pack, ship and track. Our team of experts manage multiple locations, bins, sku and assets efficiently and effectively.

1IGS is an innovative, logistics and supply chain management specialist

Lead with action 1IGS runs and grow your inventory


Product offerings

When you’re creating a warehouse, e-commerce, manufacturing or transportation business, it can be very challenging to find the right tools to assist you in setting up easier and more efficient processes. Our inventory management tools offer a wide array of solutions, and 1IGS will assist you in organizing and designing a lean inventory system to help you save time and money.


Let’s grow together

Our supply chain is engineered to meet any need, from idea, to design, implementation, management, and sustainment. Without the right partner, your warehouse will struggle to run smoothly. 1IGS isn’t just the right partner, it’s the partner that will assist you intergrade you warehouse operations. 1IGS can help you do it all, making things run seamless from the start.


1IGS has you Covered

No matter your size, small or large warehouse that’s looking to optimize their systems and flow of products through multiple locations, 1IGS has got you covered. 1IGS procurement team of experts offer you the ability to scale your business and operations to any level you desire.

Do you require SKUs and labels? Talk to a 1IGS expert and they will assist you do that as well. Complete and customizable solution in the market


Infinite Customization

Consolidate order information from all your ecommerce platforms. Optimize your fulfill ment process from start to finish using data insights to maximize efficiency and boost profit margins across the chain.

1IGS gives you the tools to do all of this and much more easily than you ever thought it will be.

Yes, we can even do it better.

Please allow us the opportunity to show you how our team of experts will serve you well.