1IGS aviation fuel supply helps customers respond faster to their organizational demands, protect the supply and distribution chain of a broad range of aviation fuel, as well as conduct tank fleet management, fuel testing and additional services. We maximize reliability in the best sustainable way with a seamless sourcing experience to provide the agility companies need.

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Explore 1IGS Jet A-1 Fuel supply services


1IGS Jet A-1 Fuel

CAA CAP 437 standards, in full compliance with IMDG code, EN12079 and DNV 2.7-1. Designed for business-efficient operations


1IGS Fuel Supply

We provide the dispensing of fuel from bulk storage into transportable tanks, and implement maintenance when required in accordance with current regulations and licensing.


1IGS Procurement Services

The 1IGS fuel procurement Services operates a large fleet of transportable aviation fuel tanks, which are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with all the relevant standards including IMDG/ADR classification and DNV 2.7 – 1/EN12079/BS7072 systems.

Tank types and designs vary to suit specific products and capacities.


1IGS Fuel Systems

The company has established a successful track record working with the best designers, builders and installers of refueling systems for the onshore & offshore industry


Global Network

Designed to be agile, 1IGS is trusted by its international customers to deliver secure and efficient quality services in refueling system audit and recertification.

Why 1IGS procurement?

1IGS procurement is known for its scalability and performance in the most complexed environments. We are also known for our superior supply chain services and flexibility. Clients benefit from our systems, teams and bespoke rollouts, and we’re also our ability to provide services for building and installing aviation refueling stations.

Reliable 99.999%


1IGS refueling systems, gasoline refueling, airport, tank to tank, offshore, onshore and helideck.

Safety Zero % tolerant


With a safety-first and trade-compliant mentality, we support customers with tailormade cost-effective solutions, focusing on safety and maintenance-friendly solutions.

Sustainable – 35%


Our procurement sees a 35% in end-to-end user application performance, and our solutions meet your requirements. We develop a cost-effective, tailormade solution to perfectly suit your specific needs. We have more than two decades experience in this field.

Supply of products – 10 X faster


Power your operations with 1IGS sourcing and see 10X faster service. We offer reliable equipment and parts replacement services that are due to wear, damage or maintenance. Our clients get JIT and lean inventory management at its best.

Your Challenge

Supply chain visibility

We have an unmatched analytics and A&D operational implementation team and they work shoulder-to-shoulder with executives and the manufacturers to quickly gain insight control.

Material and labor availability

Optimize initiatives and drive measurable improvements through end-to-end logistics and supply chain operations to provide a foundation that delivers effective and efficient benefits.

Manufacturing efficiency

Synchronizing operations with that of our partners to deliver a pragmatic change through total value optimization.

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