Engineered opportunities for innovation

1IGS assists organizations quickly to refine growth strategy, perform deal sourcing, conduct diligence and end-to-end valuation that achieves greater synergies in any M&A integration.

Intelligent solutions that meet the needs of everyday financial, operational and risk management problems by utilizing an extensive network of all parties involved to create a new business structure. Improve the efficiency and promotion of better business practices to optimize efficiency, extend lifecycles, reduce downtime and cost – all while creating resiliency and sustainability for all parties involved.

Intelligent M&A Management


Unchartered territory

We will assist you to stay on course and drive strategic value from your pursuits.

Advanced Integrated M&A solutions

Start your M&A Transformation with Our portfolio of Solutions

Oversee shipments in real time. We assist you in planning, conducting and optimizing from start to finish. It is our responsibility to shape, execute and accelerate transformational M&A deals using disruptive technology to deliver speed, innovation and value.

Pricing power capabilities


Our goal is to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. Our team will respond safely, respecting all requirements by using technical expertise.


1IGS assists you reinvent how to manage the technology angle of your M & A deals. technology platforms have significantly matures and can replace existing legacy Architecture and business processes in one go.

Maximize success with 1IGS expertise

Our dedicated practice carries in-depth knowledge of design, strategy, logistics, supply chain, IT, sales, marketing, finance and change management.

Target screening

We challenge assumptions and leverage our market, customer, competitor, and technology insights help you conduct a thorough diligence to choose the right target, source the right deal and consider all potential and key business drivers to help you prioritize.

Constant research of best practices

The 1IGS Team is known for challenging the status quo and identifying new ways to solve problems. This applies to both customer's problems and getting work done.

Related offerings

Value capture

Put value at the center of your M&A and focus on large-scale transformation. We know where to look for additional value across the investment cycle.

What 1IGS can do for you

We are a one-stop-shop tailormade to suit your individual needs. We offer the personal attention of a full-service group with access to intellectual capital, extensive relationships and pioneered solutions that will drive growth.

How we work

With more than two decades of professional consulting experience, we offer a fully dedicated team of multidisciplinary advisors. From strategy to execution, we serve offer a host of solutions.

1IGS M&A strategy

Corporate and business unit growth strategy

It is our responsibility to assist you to identify costs, benefits, flexibilities, risks and to find the right path to grow your business. We have portfolio strategies for new market growth opportunities, strategic business model evaluation & full potential paradigm solutions.

M&A deal sourcing and origination

1IGS’s team of experts identify and asses the strategic fit of an acquisition target, JV or partnership and offer guidance to assist in accessing debt and equity capital.

M&A diligence and valuation

We pay attention to detail and walk the walk before we say or write anything. We conduct diligence in various areas to enable you to choose the right target at the right price and at the right time.

M&A integration

We use a structured approach to assist you in integrating a target successfully and maximize deal value. Our strategy is to integrate management office value creation and synergy identification while providing day-one readiness, business processes and functional integration, change management, communications, sales and marketing effectiveness.

Merger integration divestitures and carve-outs

1IGS will assist you in reaping the benefits of your deal with confidence and deliver on the synergies. Our team of experts will assist in building a strategy that will assist you in achieving your full potential and divestiture objectives.

One of the quickest ways to do it

We can deliver inorganic growth through joint ventures, alliances mergers and acquisitions, coupled with divestitures when needed. Still, it's no easy feat, but 1IGS will assist with extensive experience planning and execution for a quicker and cost-effective capability and reach.