Discover the power of contract management

Contracts are much more complexed than what most business think and they require special skills. If not managed effectively, the process can take months and you still end up with agreements that are non compliant or have many negative hidden clauses.

1IGS team of experts can provide a road map that Will assist you finalize your contract and allow your Company realizes the contract’s value and benefits.


Drive contract management excellence and resilience


1IGS team of experts assist organization with end-to-end solutions, from agreeing in principle to signature, we reduce contract risk and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Technology driven approach


It is our responsibility to provide your business with contracting support, contract repository, contract uploading and all related data entry using state of the art technology

One place for all your company contracts


We assist you organize all contracts in one place, in a single, secure, and structures repository to get complete overview of all your contracts.

Benefits of contract management

Standardized contract solutions


1IGS team of experts assist you implement the best contract management software tool, with options to choose from a pool of templates and clauses to ensure consistent contract text and clauses.

Make monitoring and tracking contract changes easy


You don’t need to worry about version control anymore. All text changes, whether they are internal or external, are redlined and can be easily accepted or rejected.

Streamline your contract approval process

Eliminate the waste of time and stop trying to figure out who needs needs to review you’re a contract and then chasing them down. Our approval workflow makes sure the right items are approved and recorded on time by the right people.

Set Automated Contract Alerts

Never worry about missing something important. Set custom alerts that appear in your email and never miss expiration dates or deliverable due dates again.

Find Your Contracts Faster

Don’t lose time searching for the right contracts, find any contract by searching for a key word or phrase, attachments, insurance certificates etc.

Take Advantage of E-signature technology

Stop worrying about tracking down the CEO or VP for their signatures, it only takes a few minutes and works just like a hand and pen.

1IGS procurement and contract management

Simplify your contract negotiation process

Innovate from printing and scanning documents. Contract revisions can go back and forth between you and your client via email.

Integrate with your ERP

Take advantage of our integrated workspace, no more manually moving data, our management software can operate as a standalone tool or synchronized with main customer lists, vendor, and user.

Save Time and Money

Join the global automation change, stop wasting time completing tasks manually. Our team will save you 54% improvement in contract cycle time.

Get more value from contract management

Our contract management technologies provide a wealth of value depending on where you are on your contract management transformation.

Manage Contract Storage

Our team of experts go an extra mile to make you understand the importance of knowing where your contracts are stored.

Reporting and Analysis

It’s a major step towards the maximization of benefits of your contracts solutions and developing a reporting system that analyzes data automatically.

Edge your business With an ecosystem Partner

Smart authoring and templates

How much time does your contract manager spend authoring document after document? Authoring is no longer a chore as a CMS can automate the building of contracts through Smart.

Artificial intelligence

1IGS contract management systems are more powerful with innovative automated authoring, using AI to predict Which clauses might need based on location, size, industry and more.

Connect contracts to source to pay processes

Our team of experts use smart authoring tools to simplify the entire contract process. We connect to the overall digital source to pay process, though, can completely revolutionize the way your procurement operations operate.

Continually Push for Improvements

It’s important to revise your contracts process frequently and not assume that you’ve done the job. Rather, you must continue to refine, optimize and improve.

Unified procurement workspace

1IGS innovative contracts simplifies and automates the entire contracting and contract administration process.

Engineered for procurement professionals

1IGS team of experts collaborate with authoring, templates, and clause libraries, alerts, and event reminders, repository intelligence, and quality reporting capabilities.


Simplify your contract management

Let’s create a tailored made contract Management strategy that will track, eSign, and organize your contracts In one platform.

Collaborate seamlessly to make better deals

Automation enabled data driven solutions that make it easier to access contracts by Creating dedicated folders.

Modern AI-powered contract management

Our specialists will use the power of AI to take clause authoring, risk management, and prescriptive analytics to the next level

Contract Initiation

This is where the need for a contract is identified, and the contract lifecycle begins. Maybe you are starting to work with a new supplier vendor, there needs to be a contract in place to set the guardrails for the business relationship.



The contract needs to be written. Consider this of a rougher draft than the final product, doing this by hand is very tedious and time consuming, our experts have the right solution for you.


Our team of experts negotiate with both parties to create a proposed draft and rule out any changes that should be made to get maximum value


After all negotiations are through, it’s time to finalize those edits. Our Contract management strategy really comes in handy here by tracking all changes and allowing for easy comparison between versions.


This is typically where the most bottlenecks occur. You need a clear process and set of workflows in place to keep the approvals process running smoothly. This can be aided by contract and workflow automation systems.


Encompasses the initial authoring of a contract, negotiations, editing, and approvals. This is largely a cross-departmental undertaking, relying mostly on manual tasks and negotiations.



Deals with contract management and enforcement, along with the renewal and amendment process. This is ongoing throughout the entire length of the contract and details can easily be missed when dealing with a large volume of varyingly complex contracts.


Choose the Right Contract management Solution for your business

Our team of specialist will assist you implement AI that will have a profound impact on organizations globally. The technology is here, now all that’s left is for all of you is embrace this change head-on and pick the right technology partner to fit your needs.